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Improve your Customer Service with these 5 Tools
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17 April 2018

Gemma Baker


Improve your Customer Service with these 5 Tools

What sums up customer service?  A friendly helpful representative, a feeling of great satisfaction, or a memorable experience. These all outline the results from receiving good service, so how can your company ensure you’re providing the best?

Online visitors do not get to see the organisation behind the website; therefore it is vital to provide the means to help them get to know your company. A ‘meet the team’ style about us page lets customers find out personal information about the people they have corresponded with, such as favourite football team or band etc. and puts a face to the name. This can begin to humanise the business and help build relationships, but however personal this may be, it doesn’t mean anything if the visitor cannot easily contact the organisation.

Here are five communication tools that will make it simpler for visitors to contact your business via your website and improve your customer service.

Live Chat

The instant communication channel connects a visitor to a representative via text based messages that are sent in real time. The chat window can be fully customised to suit your organisation’s branding; including your logo and colours along with a photo of the operator who is handling the chat. This personalises the chat session as visitors are confident they are speaking directly with the company rather than a third party.

Representatives can handle multiple chats at the same time meaning there is less waiting time for visitors to speak with someone than there is with telephone or email.

Video Chat

Video chat has the same functionality as live chat, however it also includes one or two way live video streaming and voice capabilities. This enables a visitor to see and hear the representative, they can also use their own webcam and mic for a two way feed, allowing both parties to assess body language and have a more meaningful conversation.

Having video chat on your website enables operators to showcase your company’s products, demonstrating how they work or what they look like. This allows the visitor to understand what they are potentially buying and ask further questions.

Video chat box for website


smartContact are easy to implement and fully configurable contact forms. A car dealership can use the functionality to collect visitor details to book an mot or a test drive, whereas a retailer can use it to send their latest brochure or sign the visitor up for their newsletter. Whatever the interaction, visitors can easily enter their information. When completed, the solution sends an email to the organisation which includes the contact information, and presents the details within the solution, helping representatives to action the requests.


This functionality allows visitors to request a free phone call from any location in the world. Visitors make the request for the phone call via the website, which notifies representatives in real time, both the visitor and operator’s phone will ring connecting them instantly.

Implementing Click2Call can increase customer engagement as it encourages visitors to contact the organisation when they may not necessarily phone the company due to mobile phone charges or expensive costs to make an international call, this functionality mitigates the costs and keeps phone calls open as a communication channel.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms allow multiple participants to collaborate via text based messages. This functionality has been used to hold real-time questions and answers in conjunction with a webinar where the questions were being fed through to the presenter. Universities use them to hold sessions during virtual open days, informing potential students of information they need to know about the campus and courses etc., whilst existing students can communicate with their classmates and lecturer etc.

These 5 communication tools can increase engagement via your website, allowing your representatives to provide the best customer service in an easy manner. Click4Assistance has been supplying live chat for over 10 year to all types of organisations including Harveys, Which? and the NHS. For more information on how the communication channels can benefit your company contact our team on 01268 524628 or email


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Live Chat Software Author


Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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