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Engage with Live Chat Support Software

In the same way a sales assistant would offer help in a bricks and mortar store, proactive invitations allow you to approach and engage with customers.

live chat support software

REACH OUT TO VISITORS while they browse your website

Choose from numerous designs, or upload your own, an invitation, based on specific ‘rules’ will appear on the customer’s browser offering them your help and assistance, once accepted a live chat is started with your team.

page on website with a proactive chat invitation image showing how to offer help and advice by adding live chat support software

FLEXIBLE and versatile

With the ability to create a number of invitations, each can be geared towards a specific product, service, special offer or area within your website, giving you the ability to target potential customers at crucial points during their journey. Rules can be based on the visit duration, the page viewed, even which keyword(s) brought the visitor to your website!

Arrow Icon indicating more leads can be achieved when using live chat on a website

More Leads

Generate more enquiries!
Approach browsing visitors to offer a personalised experience or engage when special offers are viewed.

Connection icon for live engagement with website visitors using live chat solutions

More Sales

Reduce lost orders!
Providing help during the checkout process (or when payment fails) is proven to prevent abandonment.

Person with pound sign icon indicating increased revenue when you add live chat to website

More Revenue

Strike while the iron’s hot!
Offer assistance about associated products, up-sell and cross-sell to your hottest prospects.

What do you have to OFFER?

Promotions allow you to present an image which you have the freedom to design, containing any message, to visitors while they browse your website. Advertise your latest offer, remind your visitors to register for your newsletter, or even invite them to follow you on Twitter! When your visitor accepts, they will automatically be taken to the page you specify.

Images of special offers which can be used with the Click4Assistance Live Chat Widget

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