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The significance of chat software for voluntary organisations
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02 June 2015

Gemma Baker


The significance of chat software for voluntary organisations

As a proactive voluntary organisation constantly striving to make a positive difference, are you leveraging the power of chat software to reach out to the people and causes that need your help as well as the wide network of volunteers that immensely contribute to your organisation?

It's Volunteers' Week in the UK – 1st-7th June – and this is the time when various organisations not just thank the volunteers for the great work they do but also appreciate, recognise and encourage people who would like to get associated with various causes for the uplift of fellow citizens, the environment, social services and animals. A great line-up of events, awards ceremonies and facilitations takes place during the week.


We are proud to say that in the UK more than 40% adults admit that they have formally volunteered at least once in the previous year and 25% volunteer at least once a month. In terms of numbers, almost 19.8 million UK adults volunteer at least once a year.


Volunteering means giving unpaid help to organisations and charities working in various fields for the betterment of the society, its people, its environment and animals. Since all the charities – as the name goes – are non-profit, they don't have sufficient funds to pay for the services people render and this is why volunteers are of great importance to these charities and organisations. In fact, without this great army of volunteers, no charity will be able to function in the world.


A wide spectrum of people come forward to provide volunteer services, such as students, doctors, health care professionals, scientists, teachers and professors, IT professionals, business consultants, product and fashion designers, software developers as well as computer scientists (just to name a few). The services they would get paid for otherwise, are provided for free by these volunteers and they do a great service.


Click4Assistance chat software is used by many UK-based charities


It fills us with pride that many charities in the UK use live chat solutions from Click4Assistance. Some of these charities and organisations are Citizen's Advice, The Priory Group, BACP, The Children's Society and OCD Action. Although they use our live chat software in multiple ways to stay connected with the large network of human resources not just within the UK but also all over the world, since we are in the midst of the National Volunteers Week what excites us most at Click4Assistance is the way millions of volunteers get connected via web-based chat applications.


Do volunteer work with live chat no matter where you are


If you provide voluntary services in an advisory capacity then live chat for website can prove to be a big asset for you as well as the charity organisation you are contributing your services to. You can be constantly connected to your organisation no matter where you are. The live chat applications from Click4Assistance are compatible with all contemporary devises that can be hooked onto the Internet. Once you start providing your voluntary services in an advisory capacity all you need to do is install our live chat app on your mobile phone or tablet and you can stay in touch with your favourite charity or organisation while on the move.


Keep in touch with volunteers and people you want to help as a charity organisation


As mentioned above various charity organisations are using our live chat software to great effect. If these services provide counselling and assistance, they are constantly online and people who need their help can instantly contact them through real-time chat application from Click4Assistance. Since all our interactions are 256-bit encrypted all the exchanges that you have, whether they are messages or documents, are kept totally confidential. Every chat transcript is emailed to the participants if they request it once the chat has concluded.


In fact real-time chat applications are a boon to charity organisations because it is so much easier to provide assistance via chat compared to phone and email although they do have their own significance. A very nice thing about using a chat window to be able to chat with people you want to help is that the people who are not comfortable talking can easily interact in real-time using the chat window. Besides, you can possibly talk to 3 people at a time so this significantly reduces the time gap between the help wanted and the help provided.


Again, here at Click4Assistance we would like to congratulate millions of volunteers in the UK who give their precious time to worthy causes and we hope we can associate with more charity organisations in the near future as their preferred technology partner.


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Live Chat Software Author


Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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