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Web Chat Software - The Solution

Here’s why we believe 'Experiences' by Click4Assistance is the perfect live chat solution.

The perfect live chat solution

INCREASE SALES with live chat

Providing your visitors with an instant communication channel that connects them with a live person is a proven way to increase sales. Web chat software connects potential customers browsing your website with your sales team with just one click.

image of a chat in progress within the web chat software by click4assistance. Also shows a conversion alert indicating an online purchase has been made.

More sales
Sites offering live help report a substantial increase in orders. Customers are four times more likely to make a purchase after having a live chat.

Improved perception
When surveyed, 82% of regular internet users said the presence of web chat software positively influenced their perception of the company, leading to more sales.

Upsell and cross-sell
Engaging with customers allows your representatives to understand their needs. You can now advise, upsell or cross-sell other product lines – all adding to your profits.

IMPROVE CONVERSIONS with automatic engagement

Engage with visitors who hesitate at the checkout or experience payment card failures. The ability to converse with customers decreases the number of shopping cart abandonments, while increasing subscriptions, purchases and new accounts.

checkout page on website with a proactive chat invitation image showing how to prevent shopping cart abandonment by adding live chat to a website

SAVING TIME AND MONEY increases profit

Less time spent on each enquiry means less demand on your resources. Web Chat Software is proven to reduce inefficient email and phone contact, with improved first-contact resolution rates.

graph showing increased profit and reduced time and resources when using website chat software

Phone calls and emails can only be dealt with one at a time; using web chat software enables your support team to handle multiple enquiries simultaneously.

Free to Set-up
No set-up costs or hardware to purchase leads to further savings. Free to download with unlimited user profiles, you can even trial the full version on your website.

Measure results and optimise productivity through enhanced reporting, including operator response times and chat durations, first-contact resolution monitoring and more.


EFFICIENT & ACCURATE – work smarter not harder

Answers and instructions can be delivered quickly and efficiently, with a variety of tools available at your operators' fingertips. Direct visitors to the most appropriate operator automatically with advanced chat routing, for instant connection with the right department.

image showing email button within a live chat window

Email Transcript
Unlike talking on the phone, there's no need to find a pen and paper. Written instructions during chat are easier to follow, and the transcript can be emailed for future reference.

image of the pre defined replies functionality available within the Click4Assistance Live Chat solution

Predefined Replies
Store an unlimited library of answers to frequently-asked questions in order to provide your visitor with answers instantly. Predefined replies ensure consistent, accurate answers are given.

image showing file transfer button within a live chat window

File Transfer
Receive completed application forms or send product specifications - there is no need to type time-consuming emails. Files can be transferred easily within a chat session, ensuring first-contact resolution.



Alerts will let you know when a visitor arrives on your website - watch in real-time as they view or change pages, and discover crucial lead information such as their location, device used and more...

image showing real time information available when using website chat software, includes map of location, web pages viewed, date and time of visit


MULTI-CHANNEL ENGAGEMENT provides more choice

Increase results through true multi-channel engagement; allowing your visitor more options encourages higher contact levels, which means more leads for your team.

Video chat window which can be used when you add live chat to your website

Fully-integrated - all you need is a standard microphone, speakers and webcam. Working alongside standard text-based communication, allow visitors to see and talk with your staff, and vice-versa.


Connect with your visitors even when you are not available using our unique smartContact form. Fully customisable, allow visitors to leave details for a call back, request a brochure or demo, or even leave feedback about your services.


Advertise your latest offers, remind visitors to register for your newsletter, or even invite them to follow you on Twitter! If your visitor accepts, they will automatically be taken to the page you specify.


KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE using powerful reporting

Understand your visitors and optimise your marketing budget. Our extensive reporting suite enables the evaluation and analysis of valuable information. Gather actionable insights to make informed management decisions that reduce costs and improve campaign performance.

 Image of multiple reports available within Click4Assistance web chat software

Monitor Campaigns
Identify which referrers are driving traffic to your website. Determine the effectiveness of campaigns and pin-point your visitors’ geographical locations to monitor online and offline marketing response levels by region.

Trend Analysis
View visit information on a page-by-page basis. Find out which pages on your site are the most popular and how much time your visitor spends, while understanding how they interact with your site.

Drive Revenue
Track conversions and analyse visitor behaviour patterns to identify revenue-generating navigational patterns. Use this information to improve your content, keep visitors on your site and increase sales.


PACKED with features

'Experiences' by Click4Assistance is packed to the rafters with features to help your business.

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A big thank you to our happy customers for their kind words...

"I think the customer service is excellent. We have a very good account manager that has the ability to translate technical information into a language that's easy to understand. Everyone in the business has been very impressed with the Click4Assistance software."

UK Power Networks · Jenny Causer

"My dealings with Click4Assistance have made a refreshing change from our current chat solution provider and were a contributory factor in our decision to switch. We are now in the process of developing our new connection and are finding the process relatively simple and stress-free."

Destinology · Paul Marshall

"Click4Assistance offers our customers a fantastic service allowing our brand to have a real time relationship with our customers online. I am extremely excited by this partnership as we aim to be at the forefront of Live Chat developments and customer experience online."

Harveys · Perry Braun

"We have found working with click4assistance a delight. The product has all the functionality we need and it is great value for money. The support received from the team has been brilliant and fast and the team at Click4Assistance have been on hand to help us when we needed it."

London Borough of Waltham Forest · Tracy Cox

"I extensively reviewed the market when I looked at providing web chat for our UK website. They have helped me every step of the way and assisted in configuration and design of our chat. They are always available on the phone (or web chat) and I cannot fault their service."

Cruise & Maritime · Dean Medley

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