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Web Chat Software Improves Customer Loyalty for Banking Industry
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22 January 2015

Gemma Baker


Web Chat Software Improves Customer Loyalty for Banking Industry

When it comes to innovation and change the banking industry has been one of the more proactive sectors in managing its customers.  Over 40 years ago the ‘hole in the wall’ changed the way in which customers accessed their money forever – removing face to face contact for many ordinary people.

Self-service has been a consistent feature of banking system changes since then. 


The demise of the ‘bank manager’ just another part of this constant period of evolution.  With the advent of the internet, individuals and business have been forced down yet another route of online banking with smartphones now used to send money electronically and pay bills.  Many would argue, quite rightly, that the newer ways of banking are much more convenient as well as quicker.  However, others would similarly argue that the human side of the banking system has been removed – meaning a different, less loyal relationship with our banks.

Web chat software is now being used as part of the continuing evolution of the banking system and the way it handles customer service. 

However, whereas other innovations have made our banking system more remote, online chat software is attempting to redress that balance.


Web chat software enables individuals to interact with an adviser in the same way as they would by entering a bank – and while it isn’t face to face, it adds an interaction and customer service methodology that has been missing many would argue.

It also mirrors the upsurge in web chat software on many ecommerce sites as business strive to get a competitive edge by using this latest form of customer service software.  Similarly, as online chat software grows in popularity, its usage by banks and other financial institutions as a means of opening up communication to customers will become more commonplace.  Online users are now seeking answers quickly and concisely to all sorts of queries whether they are shopping or sorting their finances.  Websites that don’t offer this form of communication may soon find themselves in the minority.  The beauty of online chat software as a customer service tool means users don’t have to abandon their browsing session (which may involve a financial transaction in relation to banking) to seek an answer to a query.

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Live Chat Software Author


Gemma is a Marketing Executive for UK web chat Provider Click4Assistance, with a range of knowledge in live chat software and customer engagement channels, customer service methods and improving online business.


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