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Encouraging Productivity and Feeling Motivated

Encouraging Productivity and Feeling Motivated


Is it sitting at your desk with a coffee and bagel whilst you skim read through your ‘to do’ list for the day? Maybe you’re not feeling the least bit motivated, instead totally impotent with your workload. How can you get yourself back on track?

Motivate Yourself to Meet Your Customers’ Needs

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement or help to get started on a task, here are some handy tips to increase motivation:

  • Having regular team meetings can boost the motivation and productivity of a company. Being surrounded by colleagues that are encouraging and supportive means that the positive energy will become infectious in no time.

  • If meetings aren’t ideal, having one to one’s with another colleague or supervisor can be just as effective.

  • Break tasks down into smaller segments so that they don’t appear so daunting

Preparation Helps

When working with customers, whether they’re visiting the business online or in store, employees need to be prepared! It’s only human to ask questions; therefore representatives are going to need to provide all the answers as efficiently as possible and with a live chat plug-in for website they can do just that. With a collection of useful features, training time for new team members can be reduced too!

Pre- defined replies allow you to store answers to questions which ensure consistency and accuracy of the answer. To answer clients’ enquiries quickly without hesitation, operators can use shortcut keys to access the predefined reply. If a general question is asked, predefined replies are the perfect solution. However, they must be used sparingly so customer service doesn’t lose the personal touch. If an operator feels like they need a second opinion, they can invite supervisors into chat for help. Also if a supervisor feels they want the operator to mention some specific points, the supervisor can use the training room to communicate privately with the operator.

When visitors start a chat, they’re instantly connected with an operator. They could reach through to the sales, support or finance department etc. Should a visitor make a wrong selection and get through to the sales team, when their question is regarding help in the support department, the operator in sales can use the transfer feature to redirect the visitor straight through to the support department, who will be able to see the full transcript of the chat, no need to ask the same questions again!

asking questions with chat plugin for website

If there are digital documents available to communicate certain more lengthy information, the operator can access the file transfer and send the document within the chat. Not only saving valuable time for the operator, this is beneficial for the visitor too as they don’t have to worry about supplying an email address, or worry about not receiving an email etc.

Increasing Productivity

From an article by Ilya Pozin, here are a couple of points that can help you to become more productive:

  • Create a smaller to-do list - Create a smaller to do list with bigger tasks and feel more of an achievement once completed them.

  • Take breaks - It’s so important to take breaks regardless of what one’s job is. Taking breaks lets the mind relax and reboot, ready to carry on with the rest of the day’s workload. Get some fresh air and perhaps go for a walk?

  • Follow the 80/20 rule - 20% of what you do each day produces 80% of results, so remove the tasks that aren’t necessarily as important until you end up with the 20% that gets the 80% of results.

  • Start your day by focusing on yourself – if you check your emails as soon as you get to work, people can start to dictate what you accomplish, so start with yourself; eat a nice breakfast, make yourself a nice coffee and get in a comfortable state of mind.

  • Take on harder tasks earlier in the day – it’s very easy to slip into the slumping hour, towards the end of the day, eliminating the power of completing tasks.

In addition, a live chat plug in for website can triple productivity when dealing with incoming enquiries. Operators can handle multiple chats simultaneously, unlike speaking to one person at a time on the phone. Chats don’t always last very long, unlike the correspondence via email or telephone. It can simply be that a visitor has one question and leaves, enabling operators to proceed with their tasks for the day. All queries can be handled in one chat, rather than three phone calls or five emails!

Encourage your team to be more productive today and implement a Live Chat plug in for website. For more information, start a chat with us to receive a free information starter pack. Or for an online demo, contact one of our account managers on 0845 123 5871.

Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with experience in copy and original writing, Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.

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