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Tips for Handling a B2C sales enquiry with Online Chat Software

Tips for Handling a B2C sales enquiry with Online Chat Software

It’s a flexible channel that can be used to field a variety of different sales enquiries. Whether the visitor is looking for some in-depth product advice, or requires very quick feedback, check out these top tips for handling a sales chat in a B2C environment.

Build a Relationship

It’s often said people don’t buy a product, they buy a person and this is extremely relevant when it comes to live chat. Customers choose the option to engage with a real person, even though information may be available on the website. Visitors are looking for expert opinion and product advice, so don’t be a robot. Ensure your communication is helpful, friendly and contains a human touch with personal product recommendations etc. Ask open questions to understand visitor requirements, whilst offering honest advice that isn’t pushy.

Focus on the Visitor’s Requirements

Trying to push a new product onto a visitor when it doesn’t fit their requirements is unlikely to end in a sale. Adopting an expert consultancy role will project agents as friendly and welcoming. This means asking specific questions to fulfil the customer needs and find the perfect product. Customers will feel more comfortable and willing to build a relationship with agents if the benefits of the recommended item are clear. Focusing on their requirements shows the visitor you’re interested in helping them, and has a direct impact on your ability to build a relationship.

Sell the Benefits

Selling the benefits of a particular product or service is more effective than highlighting technical features or making comparisons with similar solutions on the market. There may come a time when you need to justify why your product is superior to the competition, but technical features can confuse consumers. Selling the benefits is also a great way to break down any purchase objections.

Think Ahead

Always thinking ahead of your visitor ensures the sales chat runs smoothly and ultimately results in a purchase. Agents who look for potential purchase objections before they arise, and attempt to solve them with information and benefits will be considerably more successful. This should be implemented subtly, and works with providing the right information to influence the purchase decision without pushing the customer.

Up or Cross Sell when Appropriate

Choosing the right moment to up or cross sell another product is vital. If agents believe a customer may benefit from a different product, make a proposition. Selling the added benefits against the previous suggestion will justify the cross sell. Point out exactly why it would fit the customer’s requirements, showing complete understanding of their needs and the items at hand. The up-selling of additional products is another situation that requires careful consideration. For instance, a holiday company may suggest purchasers add travel insurance to their quote on checkout. Recommending or offering additional items provides customers with a choice. The extra cost should be clearly communicated along with the benefits of the additional product. In the holiday example, the up-sell is justified and the visitor can see how it’s appropriate, increasing the potential for purchase.


Sometimes,even the most committed purchaser will require a small sweetener before placing the order. Having a compromise up your sleeve is a great way to ensure the sale is closed and the chat ends positively. Agents should always check they have authority to sanction a discount or offer, but providing something similar to free next day delivery can often be enough.

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