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Automating Our Every Move: The Way to Meet Customer Expectations?

Automating Our Every Move: The Way to Meet Customer Expectations?

The way we shop is rapidly changing and with this comes higher customer expectations. Even when we watch a movie via a subscription application such as Netflix, we are quick to become frustrated at the smallest delays as it buffers, where as previously we would have waited minutes just to get an internet connection via dial up.

Improving Online Shopping

Consumers do not spend lengthy periods on websites anymore, if they cannot find information they are looking for, they are long gone. Similar to being in a car no one has the patience to pull out a map, flick through pages and look for what they need. It is our Sat Nav’s job to guide and show us the way (saving many arguments along the way!) And now organisations can add chat to website to help direct the way for potential customers.

Auto Navigation is one of the most underrated but beneficial features within Click4Assistance’s live chat solution. The functionality’s library can be configured before a representative enters chat, storing the most popular pages on your website that visitors’ browse. Alternatively an operator can copy and paste a URL into the system during a chat; when sent through to the visitor, the selected page will open in a new tab of their browser, allowing representatives to automatically signpost visitors to the relevant pages on the website.

A huge benefit of doing this is that if the information is readily available on your website, your representative doesn’t have to waste time duplicating the information and can just automatically direct the visitor, being the digital equivalent of a Sat Nav for Websites.

Customers are always amazed by the functionality. When our account managers demo the solution; there are always oohs and ahs as they are filled with the potential of how much time representatives can save, dealing with enquiries whilst satisfying customers by matching the speed and quality of service they expect.

How to Optimise Auto Navigation

Once you have had ‘Experiences’ by Click4Assistance running on your website to gather enough data about your visitors, the first step is finding out what are the most popular pages your visitors are viewing. This can be found within ‘Reports’ / ‘Visitor Activity’ / ‘Visitor Journey Advanced’, and note what the top 5 pages are and navigate to ‘Settings’ /’Auto Navigation’.

You can organise your URLS by specific websites, department or area, this can be done by clicking ‘Create Group’. Your most popular pages can then be set up by selecting ‘Create URL’, it is recommended to rename the URL to something recognisable such as your pricing or about us page, helping operators to identify the one they need quickly. The webpage URL can be entered and tested to ensure that the page opens as expected before becoming available to representatives to use. Once confirmed, this can be saved.

add chat to website auto navigation feature

Using Auto Navigation in Chat

When an operator is handling a chat they can have the Auto Navigation library open in a separate window. At any relevant point during the interaction, the representative can send the URL to the visitor by clicking on the reply and directing it to the chat or dragging and dropping the link into the conversation. If the operator wants to redirect the visitor with a link that isn’t available, they can copy and paste the URL into the free text box within the Auto Navigation library.

Automating the Way We Work

The technology industry has been buzzing with the potential of chatbots and automating job roles with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Facebook has been a key player in this, however we firmly believe that consumers are still looking to speak with human representatives but in a more instant gratifying nature. Automating small aspects that aid the operator to provide an improved service rather completely replacing them with a machine, can ensure customers remain satisfied with your organisation.

For more information on Auto Navigation or add chat to website, contact our team on 01268 524 628 or email

Author: Gemma Baker
Gemma is the Marketing Executive for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.

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