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What’s the LiFi Password?

What’s the LiFi Password?


Connection is transmitted through LED light bulbs to enable data transfer, boosting speeds up to 224 GB per second. The term LiFi generated from Harald Haas during a TED Talk. After years of research Haas set up pureLiFi with aims to be the leading Visible Light Communication technologist.

How it Operates

Instead of running on radio waves like WiFi, LiFi runs on visible light and will require a photo detector to receive light signals and signal processing elements to convert the data into stream-able content.

LiFi is a semi-conductor light source. The constant current of electricity can be dipped and dimmed up and down at high speeds which are invisible to the human eye. Data is then fed onto LED light bulbs with signal processing technology, then sends data at rapid speeds to the photo detector.

The changes in the rapid dimming of the LED bulb is converted by the receiver into electrical signal, which is then transformed into a binary data stream that would recognise web video and audio apps that run on internet enabled devices.

Where Can LiFi be Found?

Traffic Lights

Tourists or drivers might need information about directions, weather or traffic news. With LiFi connected to traffic lights, and its connection travelling through light, LiFi will connect much faster with a stronger connection.


Light Fidelity can travel easily underwater where WiFi’s radio waves just get swallowed up, even on land we know it isn’t always reliable. With the connection seamlessly travelling through water, the communication between hydrovehicles becomes much easier.

Add Chat to Website with faster LIFI

Augmented Reality

AR has been a hit in recent news, being brought into retail stores such as Top Shop, American Apparel and IKEA Catalogue. AR is also very popular within museums when interacting with exhibits. An LED bulb can be placed above the exhibit with the LiFi being streamed straight to the exhibit.


Adverts displayed either in or outside a store are a great source for lighting, therefore the best area for Light Fidelity enabled apps. Shoppers are able to access information from the advert straight to their mobile. E.g. discounts about certain products.

Internet of Things

Due to LiFi’s impressive speeds and the high level of data being transferred, more internet enabled devices such as mobile phones, fridges, jet engines and even medical equipment will be able to connect to one another much more rapidly.


Compared to WiFi, Light Fidelity has a much shorter range which means there’s less chance of interception within the stream of data. Organisations that are dealing with large amounts of sensitive data like Healthcare organisations and financial companies will definitely see a benefit with Light Fidelity enabled applications.

Street Lights

As well as LiFi enabled street lights exuding information for tourists and outlets for local information, it may make walking home that little bit safer!

Car to Car Communication

The head and rear lights of a car can be fitted with Light Fidelity for communication from car damage reports from collision, or even warnings for an object in the road ahead that might need attention.

LiFi Vs WiFi

The use of visual light which LiFi runs on, may have a mass uptake. It cannot pass through walls and although it can still be a little slow, WiFi has the ability to pass through solids. As a result, LED light bulbs would have to be placed around the house and stay on at all times.

An extension to WiFi is something known as WiFiHaLow, which offers double range connectivity using less power. Due to this, WiFiHaLow is perfect for battery powered devices including smart watches, phones and IoT devices, like sensors and smart apps.

What’s Happening with it Now?

In November 2014, pureLiFi joined with French lighting company, Lucibel with aims to bring out LiFi enabled products by the end of 2015. The two present products are the LiFlame ceiling unit which connects to an LED light fixture, and the LiFlame desktop unit that connects to a device via USB, targeting to connect light and connectivity in one device.

With faster connectivity and data transmissions, it’s certainly an interesting space for businesses. The integration of IoT devices and WiFi, will provide a wealth of opportunities for retailers and other businesses alike. Shop owners could transmit data and information to multiple customers’ phones quickly and securely.

A company located in Dubai have successfully tried LiFi which provided connection along with video and audio streaming. iPhones are also said to be built with LiFi capabilities in the near future.

Live Chat is dependent on a stable internet connection. For businesses that already use a Live Chat solution, having LiFi around the office could ensure they receive the fastest connectivity rates.

So would it be a good idea to install LiFi within the business in the near future?

Why not look into a Light Fidelity operated LED bulb for the office? In the meantime, start a chat with us to see how our Live Chat tool works, or contact our account managers on 01268 123 5871 or email us at


Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance. Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.

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