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The best live chat software gets you started with Website Analytics

The best live chat software gets you started with Website Analytics

The sheer amount of information provided can be daunting and make it difficult to know where to start. This first blog in our series on web analytics will provide some basic tips to help you start making the most out of your data.

Know your Objectives

The first step when using web analytics to measure success and pinpoint improvements is understanding your goals and objectives. What is the goal of your website? What is your main key performance indicator? For B2C websites, it may be a product purchase. In a B2B environment it could be the download of a white paper or a brochure. Once you have outlined your objectives and goals, you can begin to analyse the factors that influence these conversions.

Segment Visitors

Visitors have differing goals when they reach your website. For instance, first time visitors may be looking for more information on your product, whereas existing customers could require contact information. Segmenting your visitors into different groups, allows you to understand the motivations of each and highlight those giving a better return. How do return visitors behave on your site compared to those on their first? Do they convert differently? The possibilities for segmentation are vast, but a simple method would be to differentiate by entry pathway. You can then track which marketing strategy is driving more conversions, whether this is PPC advertising or a website referral.

Make Changes based on Data

After segmenting your visitors, and analysing their impact on your objectives, you can start to make changes based on your findings. For example, you may find Google pay per click advertising makes up a large percentage of your overall visits, but contributes a small portion of your conversions. A rewording of adverts or removal of negative keywords could be made and the impact monitored. This example is about improving an under performing group, but the same logic can be applied to a segment driving quality leads, to build on your current success.

There is a huge amount of information available on website analytics and several more detailed approaches that can be taken. However, by focusing on the key areas for improvement in relation to your overall objectives, you can embark on understanding your website analytics. The best live chat software will include website analytics tools.

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