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How can car dealers turn ‘tyre kickers’ into customers? Web Chat Software

How can car dealers turn ‘tyre kickers’ into customers? Web Chat Software

In such a competitive market a positive web presence is vital, and Click4Assistance brings an array of benefits to ensure you stay ahead of your competition

Web Chat Software allows your staff to engage with online ‘tyre kickers’ in the same way as a dealership forecourt, and turn them into valid sales leads. The presence of live chat enables visitors to have questions answered, preventing the need to look elsewhere for information. Your staff can then gather contact information from the visitor, to follow up, or arrange a viewing or test drive. Photographs of your staff in the chat window reinforce this personal feel to the interaction.

Why not configure our fully customisable Proactive Chat Invitations, to show an image of your sales representative in a company uniform?

Invitations slide onto the page and ask your visitors to chat, in the same way your team would in the car showroom.

The website tracking built in to the Toolbox, even allows sales agents to see the exact car the visitor’s looking at. Operators can reference the vehicle against internal records to provide accurate information on issues such as MOT and Tax length. Management can then use the extensive reporting suite to discover historical information on both web activity and archived chats. For example, the most popular car for sale over the previous month, or how many chats resulted in a test drive being booked.

Finance plays a large part in sale of both new and used cars, and would-be buyers often ask such questions before they commit to test drives or viewings. Click4Assistance allows you to set up pre-defined replies to answer commonly asked questions accurately. In this case, you can ensure complicated finance answers are given quickly to avoid confusion.

Looking for more information on how to implement web chat software into your automotive website? Why not start a Live Chat with one of our experienced team, and discover how you can provide excellent customer service while increasing your leads and sales.

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