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Carlisle Eden Mind Meets Client Needs with Chat for Website

Carlisle Eden Mind Meets Client Needs with Chat for Website

Knowing that communication is a key aspect of helping people get out of that bubble, can cause innumerable triggers of anxiety.

Confronting the Enemy Face to Face

There are a number of options for discussing mental health:

  • Booking Doctor Appointments

  • Talking to family and or close friends

  • Support groups/meetings

  • Single meetings

  • Video calls

Emails are an Alternative

Direct communication can be difficult for some, whether they struggle with making eye contact, or stumble on words. It can be hard to ‘be themselves’ around other people. Face to face communication can be very demanding. If the person starts to panic, it can only make them feel worse.

Some might feel that writing their feelings on paper or email is much easier than speaking. They can start over if they need to with a few drafts. Suddenly, thoughts like, ‘have they received my email yet?’ or ‘when will they get back to me?’ may occur which can leave the person in an anxious state. How are they supposed to know their enquiry has been received, let alone even seen yet?

Instantaneous Communication

Carlisle Eden Mind has discovered that the implementation of Live Chat for website had great results for people who wish to make instant enquiries. Having an understanding for clients’ needs, Carlisle Eden Mind approached Click4Assistance and after testing, they decided on a permanent integration.

With the chat button located on their homepage, visitors are able to start a chat straight away with an operator who can answer their questions. A chat button’s appearance can have more of a positive impact on the visitor than seeing a phone number, automatically they might think ‘telephone, unable to get through, issues need to be explained verbally!’ The phone can be another trigger.

Carlisle Eden Mind chat for website button

Live Chat is a one to one, real time communication tool, meaning that visitors can feel secure when discussing their issues. Unlike a telephone call, or group meeting where everyone’s ears are open to one’s problems, conversations in chat can’t be overheard. Many people prefer this means of communication because it reduces the fright of face to face communiqué or the worry of not having their emails read. With an inviting chat button on the website, it only makes sense for visitors to start a chat.

The Personal Touches

Visitors also have the choice to be anonymous if they feel more comfortable that way. Any fear of not receiving the messages are eliminated as Live Chat allows the operator to reply immediately.

There Are Real People at the Other End of the Chat

Clients won’t have to tread on eggshells with concerns that their chat is being monitored by bots either.

Carlisle Eden Mind are very active and available six days a week to anyone on the website. When they aren’t available, the solution automatically controls the availability. When they need to become unavailable, their chat button is hidden from view.

For more information about how Live Chat can help reach your customers’ needs, contact us on 0845 123 5871 or email us at

Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance. Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.

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