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Click4Assistance Achieves Staggering Results for PCS with Live Chat Software Installation

Click4Assistance Achieves Staggering Results for PCS with Live Chat Software Installation

The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) boasts over 250,000 members and is the fourth largest trade union in the UK

As a democratic organisation, PCS is run by members for members and campaigns for fair conditions and uncompromised equality in the workplace for all. Communication is at the heart of the company’s mission, which is to ultimately improve the working lives of its members and voice the issues that play a vital role in the health, safety and living standards of civil service employees.

The team at PCS were keen to provide their members with a faster and more convenient way to get in touch with a representative. PCS was also keen to reduce the number of emails the company receives and make communication between staff and members more efficient. Agents were managing over 300 messages on a daily basis and, prior to the live chat installation, it would often take several days to resolve even the smallest membership issue during particularly busy periods.

Since leading UK live chat software company Click4Assistance launched the platform on PCS’ website just one month ago, turnaround times within the customer service department have been greatly improved

Now, the membership department responds to multiple live chat requests per day and only receives an average of 20 emails per day. Staff have gained back valuable time, which in turn has led to increased productivity and a more dynamic workforce.

Andrew Simpson, Head of ITT and Membership, is pleased that the inclusion of the live chat software has allowed staff in his department to focus on other tasks yet still maintain a high standard of customer service. He has also been delighted by the positive feedback he and his team have received from customers who have already used the live chat platform to contact PCS.

“So far, we can safely say that visitors have been thoroughly impressed with the new live chat facility,” he says. “The service has been described as ‘fast, efficient and knowledgeable’ and one member even remarked that we are now ‘at the forefront of new technology’.

“We would like to thank Click4Assistance for their hard work throughout the installation process and would highly recommend the company’s services,” he adds.

A case study containing more information on PCS’ live chat installation and the way in which it has transformed the company’s international operations will be available shortly.

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