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Using Data Feeds to Increase Your Conversion Rates

Using Data Feeds to Increase Your Conversion Rates

How To Increase Your Conversion Rates Using Data Feeds?

Searching the net has become a breeze rather than the chore it was in the early days of the internet - and this shift has changed the way we look for services or shop online. In the early internet days, you’d spent hours clicking and clicking being taken from web page to web page until you found something half-relevant. Nowadays when we search, we type in a single search phrase and expect to get accurate information immediately and lots of it. And when we use long search terms that are specific, we are expecting a comprehensive set of search results including facts, reviews, images and product comparisons all to appear on the same page in front of our eyes. The way we have changed our search methods is affecting conversion rates, so in order to continue high conversion rates you must ensure that you are keeping up with the times. And here is your guide to how you can do exactly that.

How to increase your conversion rates

As previously mentioned above, consumers today expect to see images, facts, reviews and product comparisons when searching, so retailers must focus on incorporating these features into their marketing strategies otherwise consumers will no longer use your service or buy your products. Whilst this is an effective move for ecommerce businesses, they should also use data feeds to get an in-depth insight into consumer behaviour online. A data feed is a text file that keeps all of the information about the retailers services or merchandise they provide.

Data Feeds & their benefits

In a nutshell, data feeds present organisations a comprehensive overview that allows retailers to view the whole picture of how they sell their products or services (both successfully and unsuccessfully) and to remove features that are letting them down and reducing conversion rates. Data feeds include product descriptions, categories, prices, URLs and image links. Whilst data feeds may not be the easiest tool to understand how they work, once you have a firm grasp using them, you can use them to establish which products or services are the most successful within your organisation. You can also then ascertain which of your marketing strategies are the most effective with your consumers so that you can alter their experience to create a perfect match for the product or service you are selling- this makes arriving at the sought-after product a great deal easier for the consumer which will result in increasing conversion rates. Data feeds make the service you offer a much more succinct operation (by reducing the amount of clicks needed to get to a final goal, you can increase your sales). Whether you are marketing the product for an external party such as a comparison website or you are directly selling the product yourself, the result is the same: data feeds work with you to increase your conversions.

Data feeds are the 21st century option to market research, so don’t get left behind - consider implementing this tool in your online business today

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