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GoSkippy Jumps into Implementing ‘Chat on your Website’ Software

GoSkippy Jumps into Implementing ‘Chat on your Website’ Software

GoSkippy introduced live chat to their website, offering visitors another channel to contact the company when dealing with their insurance. Customers may have questions when going through the quotation process or about their existing policies. Live chat enables visitors to ask their questions instantly whilst still browsing the website.

Overcoming Barriers

International call centres are used for many benefits, the main one being cost, however language barriers can be an issue. Chat on your website reduces this barrier as text based communication can be read at the reader’s own pace and multiple times for clarification. Unlike a phone conversation where the speaker continues talking whilst you’re still trying to comprehend what was said.

GoSkippy’s chats are held by their contact centre in South Africa. Providing the service to UK customers from the country isn’t a big issue as English is one of the known languages, however if there were any barriers, Google Translate can be used in conjunction with the solution.

Feature Rich

Sending documents is a big aspect of the admin side of an insurance company, new customers expect full documentation on their policy and existing customers may misplace theirs and request a copy. To save GoSkippy’s time, documents can be transferred whilst the customer is in chat, reducing the amount of emails sent and the time spent typing them, this also decreases the risk of the file not being received, for example, due to human error of not attaching it or the email bouncing.

Go Skippy Chat on your Website Button

GoSkippy has customised the chat button and windows to fit seamlessly with their website, using their brand colours throughout and adding their logo to the pop-up style windows as these have more real estate for images and information. The visitor is confident they are speaking with the insurance company.

Organisations like GoSkippy that experience higher levels of enquiries prefer to use the queueing system within Click4Assistance, this helps operators to handle the chats in the order they started and gives the visitor an idea of their position. Queuing is enabled when operators are available, when the chat is offline GoSkippy hide their button to prevent enquiries from a call back form causing an increase in workload.

Corporate organisations need to benchmark their operators’ capabilities as it allows them to measure productivity and see where training or investigations need to take place. GoSkippy and the majority of enterprise companies, find the operator productivity report particular useful to monitor users’ availability behaviour and their chat timing stats. The Click4Assistance solution holds over 60 reports and is beneficial for GoSkippy to analyse their results with live chat.

GoSkippy’s Positive Influence

Turnover in contact centres can be regular, therefore to be the most cost effective and beneficial, members of GoSkippy’s Learning Development team embark on the Click4Assistance’s official training so they could train current and future users (train the trainer). This ensures every operator knows how to use the software efficiently and what is expected of them.

GoSkippy are part of a bigger group Rock Services, where sister company Business Choice Direct are currently trying the solution based on GoSkippy’s success. Rock Services are also introducing live chat to a law firm’s homepage and personal injury claims page to start, there’s then the possibility to roll it out to the South Africa contact centre based on the results.

It’s refreshing to experience GoSkippy’s enthusiasm for the communication channel and their encouragement to their sister companies. We look forward to continuing this partnership.

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Author: Gemma Baker
Gemma is the Marketing Executive for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.

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