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Online Chat Software - Unleash the Possibilities of our Chat Button

Online Chat Software - Unleash the Possibilities of our Chat Button

Due to its unique design, Click4Asssistance has opened up a range of exciting possibilities for the future.

Email marketing is one of these great opportunities, as businesses begin to see the value and benefits it has to offer over more traditional methods. In fact, a recent survey by Econsultancy found that 66 per cent of marketers rated their return on investment from email marketing as good or excellent. It’s also a fantastic tool for taking advantage of impulse buying by offering special deals directly to a segment of interested customers.

By adding a Live Chat button to your campaigns, it further strengthens your position, as visitors are four times more likely to purchase after engaging in a Live Chat

Including a live chat button is simple, the script can be placed anywhere like any normal image or link.

Another example of these possibilities was highlighted when one of our clients saw a large increase in chat uptake by adding our technology to their digital sales brochures. Why? The answer is easy; when these marketing materials were received by their potential clients it generated interest and questions on their products. The chat button allowed an easy line of contact to their sales representatives who could advise, up or cross sell appropriately. This takes the effectiveness of digital marketing material to a whole new level.

Another great benefit is that you can track all of your incoming chats to see exactly where they have originated from. This allows you to monitor the success of various campaigns running simultaneously. To find out more about the platforms and the potential for embedding our online chat software, keep an eye on our news and follow us on Twitter and Google+ to receive all of our latest updates.

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