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UK Live Chat Software - We are mobile ready, are you?

UK Live Chat Software - We are mobile ready, are you?

The statistics don’t lie; currently 31% of all site traffic in the UK comes from mobiles and this number could overtake desktop by as early as next year

The flexibility and convenience of mobile devices make it easier than ever to browse and purchase at home or on the move. In fact, 29% of UK smartphone owners have made a purchase using the mobile web. So why wouldn't you make the mobile purchasing process as easy as possible just like your desktop site? This means a dedicated website that’s simple to navigate, displays good product information and clear contact details with a Live Chat option.

Live Chat Software has become an essential addition to all websites, expanding your customer service channels and providing instant contact. The great news is; this can now extend to continue on your mobile website. Using Click4Assistance’s unique workflows, you can implement specially sized chat windows that are designed to fit on smaller screens such as smartphones and tablets. This allows your visitors to start conversations on mobile devices and get the same great level of customer service from your team.

Implementation is easy; all chats come through to your account in the same way allowing agents to handle mobile enquiries like any other


Using our website analytics module, operators can differentiate between mobile or desktop chats and discover which device the visitor is using. Using responsive website design? That’s no problem, all of our live chat button scripts are designed to work with all platforms. To find out more about adding Live Chat Software to your mobile website quickly and easily, call our friendly team today on 0845 123 5871.

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