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Live Chat Support Software User University of Liverpool gains Funding

Live Chat Support Software User University of Liverpool gains Funding

Four UK Universities have been awarded £4m to help develop a sensor software for IoT (Internet Of Things) networks, big data collections and smart cites. The software aims to improve accuracy of answers and data gleaned from expanding networks of sensors by improving the reliability of the systems, which include; systems for water networking, air quality, autonomous driving and precision manufacturing. The universities granted this money were Imperial College London, St Andrews, University of Glasgow and our very own customer, University of Liverpool.

Why is Technology so important to Universities?

Technology has become a need for this era within universities. It’s the backbone of research and development, which is a significant aspect for staff when supporting with learning and teaching practices. It can also be conducive to lectures, allowing students to study in a variety of ways. To encourage new enrolments, promote a cutting edge reputation with the latest technology used throughout universities such as:

  • Interactive white boards for PowerPoints and presentations within lectures.

  • Fingerprint scanners were also used in any cashless places of the university i.e cafes or libraries

  • ID cards for entry around the university including access to printers

  • Email addresses allowing students to email coursework and dissertations to tutors.

  • Live Chat Support Software enabling instant communication

Why Universities are Using Live Web Chat Software

Younger people these days barely talk via telephone, they all use text as a means of communicating with each other which is why instant messaging is such a hit! Technology allows people to communicate via online platforms, individuals aged 16-25 prefer to communicate via text means, like social media or mobile apps that connect them to the University. Although we don’t compare live web chat software to IM too much as there are plenty of fundamental differences, the overall experience is the same. 

Volume of calls makes it difficult to answer the phone promptly; as for emails, they’re clogged up with questions from present students as well as parents or guardians of students. Another disadvantage of communicating via telephone is only one query can be handled by one individual at a time, the same goes for emails. The live chat tool accommodates multiple chat sessions, where an operator can be of assistance to multiple individuals. Universities benefit from using an online chat software as it ensures any queries from existing or potential students are answered more efficiently.

Live web chat software can also help bridge the gap in communication with international students, as it doesn’t cost them anything to contact the university. Google Translate can be used when speaking to a visitor, should they prefer to speak in their native tongue. More universities are adopting live chat as an alternative to receiving phone calls or emails from students from other countries as well as the UK.

Adding live chat to your website doesn’t take long to install at all. In fact, thanks to our development in technology, we have perfected ease of implementation. A live chat support software is fully customisable, meaning students will recognise the chat as part of the website rather than an add-on, encouraging them to engage more. Anyone applying for university will want to know of the facilities available once they start attending the classes, therefore talking in live web chat will give them the feedback they need.

Liverpool University using Online Chat Software for Website

Liverpool University is one of the UK’s greatest centres for research, knowledge and innovation that’s committed to maintaining the very best research, outstanding teaching and learning experiences and unrivalled links with business links and the public sector. Click4Assistance are happy to say that the University of Liverpool are one of our customers.

Liverpool have implemented an online chat software to improve their student experience and streamline resourcing. After their short trial, Liverpool implemented the live chat support software on the accommodation pages in time for clearing, in order to aid students with enquiries regarding both campus and offsite residency. Since 2013, the solution continues to be well received by both students and staff, with plans to extend the service into other areas of the website.

For any more information, email us on or call on 0845 123 5871. 

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