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Technologies including Web Chat Software boost Online Fundraising

Technologies including Web Chat Software boost Online Fundraising

In particular, technology including, social media and web chat software have enabled fundraisers to:

  • Reach donors in new places
  • Give greater depth to online stories with video and descriptors
  • Make giving easier and more streamlined
  • Give more frequent updates
  • Keep costs at a minimum

Perhaps the greatest innovation with regard to modern technology for fundraisers is the use of video – especially across social media channels 

This media is then shared and often goes viral due to  web chat software and social media.  This is particularly true when users are sharing or viewing using mobile smartphones or tablets which are great for video and can then be shared quickly with friends or followers.

Live chat software, particularly for fundraising, is probably one of the newer technologies that is also now making online fundraising much easier for both businesses and donors.  Web chat software is relatively cheap to implement for non-profit organisations and offers immediate interaction with donors and partners.  It also gives web visitors the ability to get instant answers and advice on all aspects of fundraising and information on the respective charities or events.

Web chat software also has the ability to target website visitors (who may be potential donors or future partners) using proactive or ruled based prompts within the live chat software.  Interacting with web visitors adds a more human touch to the fundraising experience which can often by lacking from a website.  Conversing with a customer can often be the one element that can turn a web visitor or new user into a donor or new fundraiser – adding that perfect reassurance or simple information at just the right time.

Click4Assistance has been providing web chat software to businesses since 2004 and have packages to suit large corporates as well as SMEs and non-profit organisations.  For further information or to begin a no obligation trial click here

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