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Web Chat Software for UK Local Authority Websites

Web Chat Software for UK Local Authority Websites

This level of stress among all the stakeholders can be reduced manifold by using our Click4Assistance web chat software on the school admissions area of your website.



Why use web chat software on your website?

Here are a few reasons why you should use a live chat software on your website

  • Studies all over the world have shown that 80% of the queries are resolved when people seek answers through live chat software because both the parties get ample amount of time to ask questions and provide answers, which is often not possible over phone.
  • People are much open while using web chat software because they are in full control of what they are talking about.
  • No need to remember the department phone numbers as people are directly connected to your chat person (or whoever is taking care of your chat interactions during that particular time).
  • People are more used to simply logging on to the website and clicking the chat icon.
  • Live chat transcripts can be easily saved as text files so that both the parties can access them later on in case there is some communication gap.
  • No snooping can happen because communication takes place over a secure connection.
  • Problems are solved and issues are resolved in real time so there is greater satisfaction among applicants and the school admissions representatives.
  • Seamless integration with your existing website.
  • Full support available from Click4Assistance.


A complete web chat software solution for your website to handle a deluge of school admissions queries

Your phone lines can be clogged when students and their guardians are calling you for admissions and other related issues. The problem with the telephone is that your support staff can talk to just one person or one party. At both the ends, it’s a 1-1 interaction and this can be quite limiting when multiple calls need to be attended. Although at a mitigated level, the same problem is manifest when you handle queries with email. People first send you email, then you access that email, then you create a reply and send it back, and in case some issue was left unanswered, then again emails travel to and fro and lots of time is wasted in this manner.

With our live chat software on the other hand, one support person can take care of 3 prospective student enquiries at the same time. No phone -related hassle. No multiple email exchange. All the questions and answers take place in real time. Neither the applicants have to be in a hurry nor your support staff. Every interaction happens in a relaxed manner. It’s very easy to switch between different windows and provide answers to multiple parties.

So no more headaches and missed calls. Install our web chat software on your website and allow applicants to contact you and seek answers to all their queries by just a click of a chat icon.

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