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For smaller organisations; from:

£ 19 95 /mo

Cost-effective chat and call functionality, providing both reactive and proactive communication channels.

  • Concurrent User Licencing
  • Fully customisable
  • Feature rich
  • Click2Call
  • Simple Reports
  • UK Based Email, Phone & Chat support


Our most POPULAR package; from:

£ 29 95 /mo

A comprehensive range of communication tools and experiences to increase engagement on your website.

  • Concurrent User Licencing
  • Fully customisable
  • Click2Call, smartContact, Hotspots & Promotions
  • Transfer files & Queuing
  • Training Room
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • UK Based Email, Phone & Chat support


For larger organisations


A tailored-made package including everything in professional plus functionality to meet your enterprise requirements.

  • Concurrent User Licencing or dedicated server
  • Fully customisable
  • Agent Assist
  • Advanced reporting
  • Enhanced security
  • Compliance support
  • Dedicated account manager

Add ChatBots, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS & Video Chat to any package!

Prices above are per concurrent licence based on annual agreement


Use our comparison table below to help you choose the package that suits your needs.

Features Standard Professional
Omni Channel Solution

Combine communication from multiple channels in one flexible Dashboard.

Present a button and use invitations to engage your website visitors in text based communication with your agents.

Web chat

Easily add live chat to your mobile website or application using this fully responsive solution

Mobile Chat

Launch the live chat window directly from any digital platform including documents and email

Live Chat links

Receive and respond to your Facebook messages directly from the C4A dashboard ensuring you never miss an opportunity

Facebook Messenger

With over 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular communication channel. Making sure your organisation is available is essential


Receive and respond to SMS text messages, or broadcast your marketing message to your audience


Allow your visitor to enter their phone number to be instantly connected to your agents using the normal telephone network


Integrate your 3rd party application to consume our API in order to conduct chat sessions within the Click4Assistance solution

API for any platform
Tools for your website

Automate responses, present marketing messages, and more with a fully featured solution.

Automate customer engagement with a conversational interface. Create multiple Chatbots quickly and easily with no coding using our drag and drop Visual Bot Builder


Promotions enable you to push an image in front of a visitor on your website and present information or special offers, redirecting them to the relevant page


Automatically expand the window to present content directly to the visitor. Or manually push a page into the panel during a chat. Great for presenting a payment page or displaying details of your products or services


When you need to make eye contact, allow your website visitor to engage with your agents via video and voice

Video Chat

Enable multiple participants to communicate with your agents in a group environment. Moderation available on pre meeting information and messages. Great for product launches and virtual open days

Meeting Rooms

Create and easily add fully configurable forms to your website to gather contact details from your website visitors

Chat Features

A comprehensive set of features designed to improve agent productivity.

No limit on the number of chats your organisation can handle

Unlimited Chats

Allow the visitor to choose their desired department using a selector on the pre-chat form

Manual Chat Routing

Define your own routing direct from individual pages if required, to ensure the right agents are targeted with the appropriate enquiries

Auto Chat Routing

Prioritise which operators are alerted and allocated new chats. Automatically distribute or allow an individual to manually allocate incoming chats to the appropriate agent. Includes the ability to redirect chats to an out of hours contact centre if required

Chat Distribution

Search using several filters and review all information relating to any historic chats that have taken place

Chat History

Agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously; set a limit if required

Concurrent Chats

Invite, transfer and assign agents to chats, allowing multiple agent involvement and the ability to call upon different skills and resources

Transfer & Invites

Agent messages are automatically spell checked and errors highlighted before they are sent


Present invitations to visitors on your website automatically, based on rules that you define. For example invite a visitor to chat when they are on your pricing page

Rules Based Invitations

Create a library of answers to frequently asked questions with shortcut keys and drag-drop ability for quick and easy access

Predefined Replies

Allow the visitor to request an email of the transcript during or after the conversation, which will be automatically sent once the chat is stored

Email Chat Transcripts

Prevent offensive words, phrases and restricted information such as account numbers during the chat

Profanity & RegEx Filter

Automatically redirect the visitors’ browser to the desired page, providing assisted navigation

Auto Navigation

Understand agent performance by allowing the visitor to rate their experience during or after their chat interaction

Rate the Agent

See what the visitor is typing before their message is sent!

Ghost Text

Ensure chat is never offline during operational hours. Allow visitors to join general or skill specific queues, they will receive your automated message at the frequency you define and be advised of their position in the queue


Allow agents and visitors to transfer files such as Word documents, spread-sheets, PDFs, and images during the chat

Transfer files

During a chat the agent can request to share the visitors screen, allowing them to see the visitor’s browser, desktop or any applications that are open


See the actual page the visitor is viewing during the chat to provide assistance and support. Especially useful during product selection, form completion and checkout


Automatically email a copy of every chat transcript to an email address you specify

Auto email

Automated assistance for your agents. The solution will identify words used within the visitors’ message to suggest possible responses, even before the message is sent

Agent Assist

Save agents time and set up rules to automatically close, store and categorise the chats after a defined period

Auto Store
Visitor Activity Monitoring

Improve your understanding of your visitors journey and behaviours.

Monitor visitors on your website in real-time. Watch as your visitors move from page to page. Information about each visitor is at your fingertips. Identify the location and co-browse along with them

Real-time visitor monitoring

See each visitor’s actual location including the region and country drawn on a world map

GEO Location

Hotspots allow you to highlight specific, or multiple pages within the visitor journey, for easy recognition within the dashboard, live activity or reporting areas


Track onsite conversions and credit events such as the agent who dealt with any related chats


Assign contact information to website visitors to ensure prospects are identified when arriving on your site. Contact information can be manually or automatically assigned directly from your website

Other Useful Features

If the agent needs any help or assistance during an interaction, an ‘Internal Training Room’ is available to enable agents to securely and discreetly ask questions and discuss relevant issues with colleagues

Training Room

Allows testing of all channels and tools without the need to add the script to your live website


C4A community notifications and bulletin board

My Hub

Change your background, drag, drop and resize windows for a customisable agent workspace

Dynamic Dashboard
Security & Compliance

Data security is at the heart of everything we do.

UK based provider compliant with all requirements of GDPR

GDPR Compliant

All data is processed and stored within the UK at one of Europe’s largest and most secure data centre

UK Data Processing & Storage

All chat interactions are fully secured in transit using HTTPS/SSL protocol

Data Encrypted in Transit

Personally identifiable information (PII) is encrypted at rest using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) symmetric block cipher

Data Encrypted at Rest

Compliant with the ISO27001 framework with annual accreditation from BSI

ISO27001 Certification

Allow or deny granular access to any aspect of the system based on fully configurable user permissions

Custom user permissions

Based on user permission, any historical chats and their associated data can be deleted if required

Chat Deletion

Prevent undesirable visitors from starting a chat with your organisation by adding their IP address to a manageable black-list

Block Visitors

Define what time of the day your agents are able to login and access the system

Login Time Access

Define a white-list of IP addresses that can be used to access the system

Restrict IP Addresses

Regular system penetration testing from approved suppliers

Penetration Testing

By default, any credit card numbers entered into chat are masked before transmission

PCI Compliant

Compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards and guidelines and compatible with common screen-readers.

WCAG Compliant

Emails sent from the system, such as the chat transcript received by the visitor, can be relayed through your own email server or Microsoft 365 using your organisations ‘from’ address

Email relay (SMTP/M365)

Complete audit of activities that occur within the system, including agent access, configuration changes, addition of users and chat interactions

Comprehensive Audit Log

Email a temporary access code for additional security during login

2 Factor Authentication

Control access using on premise and Azure active directory

Single Sign On

Ensure users regularly change their password and enforce password protocols in line with your organisations security policy

Advanced Password Management

All visitor facing aspects are fully customisable.

The buttons display as online when you’re available and offline when you’re not - it can even hide completely when you’re not available if you prefer.

Upload multiple button designs to ensure a seamless fit within your website. Present different designs on appropriate pages or even make them seasonal!

Chat Buttons

Various templates are provided, allowing you to easily choose different colour windows and pre-configured form examples for data collection


Add your logo and change colours using the simple customisation feature. Or access the CSS and HTML to modify the windows for complete customisation

Create Your Own Styles

Complete flexibility to have individual button, window and form designs on different pages and websites, perfect for multiple brand groups, international or multi-lingual websites


Configure the pre-chat window to ask for any information you wish to gather from your visitor before a chat starts. All fields can be validated

Collect data before chat

Ask the questions relevant to your business, fully configurable operator KPI and chat KPI surveys allow you to find out about your visitor’s experience. All fields can be validated

Post chat surveys

Gather valuable contact details from your visitors by presenting a call back form when your agents are unavailable. This information is then emailed to you to for a follow up at your convenience and can be viewed within the dashboard and reporting modules

Gather data when offline

Present a photo of the agent within the window to personalise the visitor experience during the chat

Welcome Text

Present a photo of the agent within the window to personalise the visitor experience during the chat

Display agent photo

Full access to remove the "Powered by Click4Assistance" link from any window

Remove "Powered by"

Add Javascript into any of the forms, providing the ability to add tracking features, or push data from the forms into 3rd party systems

Include your own JavaScript

All windows have been fully tested on the latest mobile devices, including phones and tablets regardless of their screen size

Mobile compatibility

There are many emails sent from the system, such as the chat transcript email received by the visitor. These emails can be fully customised based on your requirements including adjusting the text, links and images

Email Templates

Upload your own images or build in CSS and HTML to present your important messages to your visitors

Promotion images

Customise your rules for when where and how promotion images are presented

Promotion rules

smartContact forms can collect any data, you define what is captured based on your requirements

Define smartContact data

Various templates are provided, allowing you to easily choose the closest match for your needs, then use our ‘no code’ chatbot builder to drag and drop your responses for complete customisability

Chatbot design
Reporting & Data

Over 60 detailed and summary reports are available within the solution providing lists, graphs & charts. Each report has filters and segments allowing your management team to view and extract metrics

Reporting Suite Simple Comprehensive

Reports can be viewed in HTML or downloaded in PDF, CSV and Excel formats

PDF, CSV and Excel Export

Reports can be scheduled for automatic delivery to your email inbox at the frequency you require, ensuring you are kept up to date with the latest data and information

Scheduled Report Delivery

When a report is run, it can be saved within the solution for review at a later date without the need to download and store locally

Save Reports

Your management team can monitor chat activity in real-time across multiple departments. Both agent and chat metrics including KPI’s can be seen at a glance


Using various datasets we can develop bespoke reports in a variety of formats based on your data requirements and delivery needs


Using secure token based RestFul API’s your organisation can extract chat, chatbot and direct message data into any system

API Data Extraction

Allows management to monitor agents’ availability and workload in real-time and override their log in or availability status if required

Management Dashboard

Access our UK based support team, via email, phone and chat for a friendly, professional and speedy response

UK Based Email, Phone & Chat

A self-service searchable help system accessible within the software containing a number of resources including downloadable PDF documents and videos

Knowledge Base Help System

Training and how-to videos are available to explain the various areas of the solution

How to videos

Our software engineers can consult and advise regarding implementation within your environment

Technical & Compliance Assistance

We offer completion of DPIA questionnaires and consultation with compliance teams

Advanced Compliance Consultation

Remote and on-site training sessions for agent and management teams to ensure successful implementations

Product Training

The C4A solution is monitored by multiple internal and external systems to ensure we adhere to our service-level-agreement

SLA Over 99% Over 99%

Enterprise clients are allocated a key account manager to ensure a named contact is responsible for communications and support

Dedicated account manager

Push data from your website into the chat information tab, for example account reference, purchase history, or product viewed, providing your agents with useful info

Push data into chat

Add Google Analytics tags into your chat windows to track events and conversions in Google Analytics (GA4)

Google Analytics

Automatically associate a chat with an entity within your MS Dynamics 365 system. Once the chat has ended the complete transcript will automatically be added against the CRM record, providing agents with a 360° view of customer records, allowing access to the full context of all communications

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Automatically associate a chat with an entity within your Salesforce system. Once the chat has ended the complete transcript will automatically be added against the CRM record, providing agents with a 360° view of customer records, allowing access to the full context of all communications


Take advantage of the latest AI technologies IBM Watson integration, providing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning technologies

IBM Watson

Available as an add-on. Contact us to learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the licences work on a concurrent basis - that means you can set up as many user profiles as required, you only need to purchase licences for the amount of users that will be logged in at the same time.

Prices shown above are based on an annual subscription, we also offer a 30 day rolling agreement, with just 30 days’ notice of cancellation required.

Yes, the costs quoted above already include a 10% for annual subscription. If you’re a charity we offer a further 10% discount.

Sign-up for free, we give you a small piece of JavaScript code to add to your website, start handling chats. After 30 days you can subscribe to continue using the product.

If you wish to continue using the solution you can simply upgrade your account within the software and all your settings and customisation will remain the same. If you choose not to proceed, you simply remove the script from your website.

Yes, our flexible solution allows for different customisation included branding, settings, routing and chat rules. You can manage all interactions within the dynamic dashboard.

Yes, we have a library of help guides and videos, a searchable knowledge base, and our friendly support team are available by phone, email and chat.

Click4Assistance is BSI certified for ISO27001, Registered with FSQS and the NHS Toolkit. Security is at the core of our development. All data is stored in the UK using state of the art security measures.


The software contains a testing area, enabling you to experience the full range of functions available without any changes to your website!

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