The advanced reporting suite is designed to deliver important statistics to make informed decisions regarding chat operations and visitor behaviour. Using vital information, managers are able to analyse chat operations and highlight strengths and weaknesses, identifying aspects to help improve business processes and operations.
Live Chat Software Report, Graphs and management information provide complete statistics
Web Chat Software Reporting Suite provides a range of dataset and charts
View, save and download live chat reports in PDF, CSV and Excel formats Instantly view, save and download reports, or schedule for delivery directly to your inbox in PDF, Excel and CSV formats
Configurable reporting provided a number of filters and ability to select which data is presented View configurable reporting periods in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly segments
Management Information across over 50 reports covering all aspects of the Click4Assistance live chat solution Apply multiple filters to display the information you require
Interactive Reports allow you to drill down into datasets and analysis the precise information Interactive charts allows you to pull focus onto key areas of interest and mouse-over the data for precise information
Using APIs allow reports to be integrated into various 3rd party applications Integrate graphs for display in external systems
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Multiple communication channels in one complete solution, developed and supported in the UK making it fully compliant for UK businesses. Use the links below to discover more tools and functionality available within the solution.