The innovative Dashboard is the control centre for all online communications.
Just like your Windows desktop, you can open, minimise, maximise and resize various windows to display the functionality you need whether you are an operator handling chats and calls or a manager requiring real-time performance graphs. Arrange your windows by dragging them into position or stack and cascade with handy shortcuts.
Live Chat Software Dashboard provides your operators will complete flexibility Using the Live Chat Console enables your operators to change the layout of their screen based on their requirements This Live Chat Application can be changed to provide different screens for operators, managers and administrators Web Chat Software has many modules which can be positioned, minimised, maximized based on your requirements Web Chat Application that gives great usability for users when handing live chats daily
A Web Chat Solution which is designed with flexibility, usability and simplicity in mind
Click4Assistance is the UK provider of Live Chat Software
Multiple Live Chats can be handled simultaneously within the desktop based dashboard  View multiple engagements occurring simultaneously
Flexible Web Chat Software allows you to filter and drag and drop items to ease of use Arrange your views with filters, drag and drop functionality, orderable lists and context menus
Features of Web Chat Solution include quick links allowing commonly used module to be opened quickly and simply Open commonly used features easily with Quicklinks
Voice to Text with Web Chat is just one of the accessibility options available to help with disabilities and abled bodies Resize text and use Voice to Text functionality for accessibility options
Chat rooms enable operators to engage with each other in a private secure environment Speak privately with a group or individual colleagues
A sandbox is provided for testing so you don’t need to add live chat to a website Test Experiences within the solution without the need to implement in a live environment
A sandbox is provided for testing so you don’t need to add live chat to a website Customisable Wallpapers
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Multiple communication channels in one complete solution, developed and supported in the UK making it fully compliant for UK businesses. Use the links below to discover more tools and functionality available within the solution.