Take your website to the next level with a deeper understanding of how visitors find you and what they are doing in real time whilst on your website.
Monitor and Track Visitors on Website in Real time using the complete live chat software solution
By monitoring visitors on your website provides a wealth of information regarding visitor activity


Live chat software allows your analysts to observe the actual pages being viewed in real time, the duration spent on each and whether the individual is a new or returning customer, including their history and device used.
Engage with visitors on your website by send a proactive invitation asking if they would like to chat in real-time Send a manual proactive invitation to chat or call, and display promotional information to specific visitors.
The solution allows you to CoBrowse and Screen Share with visitors, providing assistance when its required Use Co-browse for a visual representation of the pages along with the visitor as they journey through the website.
Understand who is on your website which country and location they are from, which device they are using Identify your visitors region and country, and even display a map of their location to monitor regional marketing campaigns and delivery areas.

Identify Hot Leads

Categorising crucial pages with simple colour transforms your live visitor activity information. Highlight specific or multiple pages within the customer journey, for easy recognition within the dashboard, live activity or reporting area. With the Hotspots functionality instantly identify important visitors as they browse your webpages, track buying patterns or analyse visitor behaviour for full management insight.

Identify visitors on your website using coloured hotspots, see at a glance which are the most common pages viewed

Monitor Conversions

See which visitors have converted on your website; this may be a purchase, brochure/document download, contact form completion or any other website action that provides visitor contact details. Automatically credit the operator responsible, and highlight custom information such as order values and reference numbers. Advanced reporting allows analyst to calculate Return on Investment (ROI), identifying which channels are generating income.

Click4Assistance allows you to Monitor and Track Conversions building a profile of each customer


Assign contact information to website visitors to ensure hot prospects are identified and capitalised upon. Automatically create a visitor profile when a conversion has occurred or representatives can manually add individuals’ personal details when engaging.

The system will recognise the visitor when they return, allowing their activity to be recorded. View and interrogate comprehensive information regarding visitors’ activities including navigational patterns, conversion tendencies and chat activity. This advanced investigative tool contributes valuable metrics for prospect identification, navigational behaviour tendencies and conversion drivers.

The system will automatically alert your to prospects and returning visitors


Multiple communication channels in one complete solution, developed and supported in the UK making it fully compliant for UK businesses. Use the links below to discover more tools and functionality available within the solution.