Text based communication channel that instantly connects your online chat visitors to a representative in real time.


A proactive web chat appears on your website after a time set by you, proactively encouraging the visitor to start a chat.

Web Chat Software can be used in a range of industries

Consumers prefer live chat software communications over phone and email, adding it to your website increases customer engagement and satisfaction. The online chat tool is suitable for any organisation including contact centre environments; to ensure a successful implementation our experienced experts will advise you every step of the way.
Brand and Customise Chat Windows based around your own requirements gives professional look and feel


Maintain your brand with full control over the look and feel of your live chat channel. Choose from a range of templates or upload your own designs, defining what the visitor will see when your online chat is both available and unavailable. Select whether your organisation collects contact details or present an unavailable message with the web chat'soffline window or hide the button altogether. The visitor aspects of ‘Experiences’ are 100% customisable allowing your company to configure the chat system to seamlessly fit your company’s requirements.

Live Chat Routing enables different departments within your organisation to deal with the relevant customer enquiries


Immediately direct enquiries to the right department using automatic live chat routing from the relevant page or allow visitors to make a selection on the prechat form. The intelligent chat distribution system (CDS) can automatically allocate web chats to operators or they can manually take the enquiries and manage their own workload. Enable queuing to ensure the visitor continues to receive automated messages, including their position in the queue, until connected to an agent.

Web Chat Routing to different departments in your company ensures the website visitor is dealing with the right person
Live Chat Software increases productivity and efficiency as multiple chats be can handled at the same time


Live chat software increases productivity and efficiency as agents can handle multiple enquiries simultaneously. Use automatic navigation to remotely open the relevant webpage on the visitors’ browser and/or transfer files during the online chat reducing the time spent emailing documentation and allowing the enquiry to be answered in one session.

Live Chat Features and Benefits include ghost test, predefined responses, cobrowse and file transfer


Operator response rates improve with the ability to see what the visitor is typing in real time using the ghost text functionality. This allows them to prepare how they will respond; in conjunction with access to a library of predefined replies including suggested ‘AI’ chatbot assistance. Seeing exactly what the visitor is viewing with co-browse allows your live chat representatives to provide more accurate replies, as they can assist in the completion of online forms or advise according to the specific page.

Web Chat Features and Benefits include presenting the operators photo, voice to text ability to print or email the transcript
Multiple Features which are included in Web Chat Software including visitor queuing, categorising of chats and reviewing previous conversations
Information regarding Click4Assistance Live Chat software


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Multiple communication channels in one complete solution, developed and supported in the UK making it fully compliant for UK businesses. Use the links below to discover more tools and functionality available within the solution.