The world is your oyster with smartContact. Gather visitor details using customisable contact forms. Call-back, demo request or sign up are just a few suggestions.
Customisable Contact Forms allow data gathering for a range of business requirements Gather Customers Details to book appointments, request demonstrations or sign up to a service or product Once Customer Information is collected its emails immediately to an operator to follow up Customisable Contact Forms can be used for any type of business need


Adding a small piece of HTML script to your website allows you to present a reactive button or proactive invitation that enables your visitors to contact you. All customisation and configuration is done within the software so no further changes to the website are required.


How would you like your contact buttons to look? What information would you like to gather?
Use single buttons to launch specific windows or combine you requirements within one form, even proactively invite your visitors to leave their contact details, the choice is yours.
Allow website visitors to Book Appointments using customisable contact forms


Book Appointments with the Click4Assistance Web Chat software
Easily book timed appointments by integrating drop down options and date/time selector on the data capture form.


Enable visitors on your website to complete signup forms with Live Chat Software
Naturally build up your mailing list by automatically presenting a sign-up form on your blog page.
Signup Forms can be used to register for a product or service by simply adding a piece of script to your website


Signup Forms are part of the Click4Assistance Live Chat Software
Naturally build up your mailing list by automatically presenting a sign-up form on your blog page.
Allow customers to request information by designing a call back form based on your business needs


Request information from customers using our live chat software Click4Assistance
Promote your latest product / service brochure and gather the information you require to follow up the prospect.


Multiple communication channels in one complete solution, developed and supported in the UK making it fully compliant for UK businesses. Use the links below to discover more tools and functionality available within the solution.