Allow visitors to request a FREE phone call, instantly connecting them to your team over the normal phone network.
Click to Call enables your visitor to enter their phone number in a customisable form Your operators are alerted to the incoming Click2Call request and accept Both the visitor and operator are connected through the normal landline or mobile phone network free of charge
Simple Setup
Adding Click2Call to your website is just a matter of adding a small piece of script

Add Call Credit

Top up your account with call credit to start using Click2Call.

Present Click2Call

Display a reactive button and /or proactive invite on your website.

Instantly Connect

Your visitor enters their phone number for instant connection to a representative.

Adding Click2Call can be done in the same way you add web chat software just add a small piece of script


Click2Call enables all visitors to request a free call regardless of their location. This mitigates any expensive charges for international calls, therefore improving customer engagement for organisations that operate globally. This is particularly useful for universities to communicate with potential international students.
Many consumers will use a mobile phone in place of a landline to make phone calls. Some organisations such as insurance companies will find that their customers will try other contact methods before resorting to calling due to the costs they can incur on their mobile phone bill. Click2Call allows them to easily make contact without any charges.
Calls for website visitors are free with Click2Call great for international callers
Live chat software with click to call provide free calls to the visitor call rates are shown below


Click2Call provides your organisation with lower call rates per the leg of a call; here are some examples of our rates...

Click2Call costs are shown for UK based landlines
Both you and the visitor are using UK landlines, 1.7p + 1.7p = 3.4p / minute
Costs to use Click to Call are shown for China based landlines
You use a UK landline, the visitor uses a China landline or mobile 1.7p + 2.7p = 4.4p / minute
Prices to use Click 2 Call are shown for a UK landline to a US landline
You use a UK landline, the visitor uses a US landline 1.7p + 1.7p = 3.4p / minute


There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than to wait in a queue or have to navigate an automatic menu in order to call a company with a quick question. The Click2Call functionality allows them to request a call and be instantly connected with an available operator.


Multiple communication channels in one complete solution, developed and supported in the UK making it fully compliant for UK businesses. Use the links below to discover more tools and functionality available within the solution.