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  • Automate answers to common questions
  • Triage enquiries
  • Qualify leads and gather info
  • Escalate to a human agent
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Hi, I’m CONI the chatbot, here to answer your questions or get you to the right advisor. Please select one of the below:

Appointment Booking

Test Results



Test Results

No problem, could I take your name please?


Nice to ‘virtually’ meet you Doug!

So we make sure we have the right person could I take your date of birth please?

Sure, its 1st January 1999

Thanks. Finally please confirm the first line of your address

1 Long Road

Thanks Doug. One of my human colleagues will need to locate your test results, I’ll connect you now

Transferred to Advisor

Operator avatar within a chatbot for website example

Hi Doug, I have all the information I need to look up your test results, please bear with me for one moment…

Reduce Expense & Improve Performance

Automate repetitive customer enquiries and scale your business without increasing resources or expenditure.

The Click4Assistance Chatbot enables organisations to create, build and deploy automated conversational user journeys using drag and drop functionality.

Chatbots improve user experience, reduce churn, and boost revenue. Talk to us today about our many projects with various user cases, across all industries.

Generate Sales

Qualify leads and capture contact information for your sales team to follow up and close the deal

Reduce Workload

Triage enquiries, handle routine tasks and increase productivity in contact centres

Fully Automated

Manage multiple conversations simultaneously, providing speedy responses


Hand off to a human agent with the necessary skills to deal with more complex enquiries

What would your Chatbot do?

Upsell & Cross sell

Using rich text present images, links and even videos to help promote your products or services during the conversation.

Qualify Enquiries

Whether your visitor is a prospect, lead or customer, the bot will respond accordingly and understand their intentions.

Lead Generation

Gather any information from the customer, for example name or email address. These details are instantly emailed to your team or passed over when escalating to a human.

conversation marketing showing images within a chatbot conversation

We have some great socks to go with the shoes in your basket!

Just enter the code ABC123 when ordering

That’s great, thanks!

You're welcome, click here for our latest offers

Are you already a customer with us?

  • Yes
  • No


Great, how can we help?

  • Recent Order
  • Item Enquiry
  • My Account

My Account

Can I take your name please?

John Smith

Thanks, please also enter your email address

Perfect, one of my colleagues will be in touch shortly

One of my human colleagues can help with that

Would you like me to transfer you?

Yes please

Chat transferred to Sue

build a chatbot

Hi Doug, I’m Sue, let me arrange that for you now

Could I speak to a human please?

No problem, which department would you like to speak with

  • Sales
  • Support


Chat transferred to Sue

chatbot software

Hi Doug, how can I help?

Using 1-10 with 10 being the highest, how would you rate our service?


Great! Could you describe your experience?

The service was really quick and user friendly

Thanks for your feedback!

Agent Hand Off

Allow the customer to speak with an agent at any point, or if nobody is online take their contact details for a call-back.

Department Selection

Display a list of available departments and route the customer to a human agent with the right skills to deal with the enquiry.

Understand your customers

Survey your customers and gather insightful information and metrics which can be reviewed and used to improve your customer service.

Build a Chatbot

No coding required !
Create a Chatbot from scratch or use an existing template.
Intuitive interface offering simple drag-and-drop, easy to configure solution.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
Machine Learning Technologies

If your organisation wishes to take advantage of the latest AI technologies, we also offer bespoke integration with IBM Watson providing Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning technologies.

In order to achieve this level of intelligence, we provide consultation, design and support services with ongoing management of AI solutions.

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Excellent service, great support and a really fab team to deal with.

Brenda Mckenna

add a chatbot to your website today with Click4Assistance

The system is easy to use, has great business reporting and I would highly recommend contacting them if you are looking for a quality product.

Brenda Mckenna

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