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Website Chat Software - What We Can Learn From National Customer Service Week

Website Chat Software - What We Can Learn From National Customer Service Week

What can we learn from National Customer Service Week?

Our team understand that the NCS week raises awareness to the importance of treating customers well in order to increase and maintain business. It is important to gain feedback from your customers to ensure the service you are providing is of a high standard and to find out what more you can do to improve your customer service.

At Click4Assistance, we are already acutely aware of the future trends in customer service, which is why we offer multiple communication methods to our customers via website chat software, but just what are the basic fundamentals of customer service?

Acknowledging Your Customers 

Your customers should never feel ignored. No matter on the sector of your business, acknowledging your customers is crucial. To ensure your customers feel appreciated, consider raising companywide awareness of the importance of customer service.

Building Rapport

Building a rapport with your customers is essential whilst building a rapport with your employees helps to boost morale, motivation, teamwork and customer service.

Identifying The Customer’s Needs

Teamwork is essential within any business. Be sure to remember and remind all staff that it is everybody’s responsibility to identify your customer’s needs and to strive to ensure all customer expectations are met.

Offering Relevant Solutions

Reminding your customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction is essential, so if a customer approaches you with a problem, it’s essential that you find an effective solution to that problem and fast.


Expressing Your Gratitude

Give thanks to each and every sale that you make. It’s important that your customers feel appreciated so expressing your gratitude - be it face-to-face or via email - is vital.

At Click4Assistance, we believe that utilizing mobile and social channels of communication can help to advance the quality and efficiency of customer service, which is why we recommend adding live chat software to your websites. By doing so, the level of customer service you provide to your customers will be greatly increased.

We have incorporated many other features other than live chat that we feel will help our clients to achieve a more advanced level of customer service. These professional web tools include:

Website Activity

Website Analytics help to track and monitor your web visitor’s behaviour whilst they explore your site.

Proactive Chat Invitations

Proactive Chat Invitations reach out to customers whilst they browse your website, similarly to how a sales assistant would approach and engage with a customer in a retail store.

Promote Products and Services

Our promotions tool means you can present an image to visitors whilst they browse your website, be it your latest offer or an invite to follow you on Twitter.

Call-Back Form

By providing your customers with a call-back form, you can offer your customers an effective solution even when you are not available.

Website Conversions

Our website conversion facility means you can track exactly where your sales are coming from and better understand what’s making you money.

Having considered the fundamental requirements of good customer service, we hope you now have a better understanding of how our professional website chat software at Click4Assistance can assist you in improving the level of customer service that your website provides. For more information, please see our Products Features page.

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