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From Audit to All-of-It with Website Chat Software

From Audit to All-of-It with Website Chat Software

Auditing is another one of our community-driven features and was introduced during website chat software’s infancy to help with operator management. Administrators can see at a glance when users have logged in or out, access archived chats and see the total number of hours’ activity. Furthermore, it’s possible to give credit to operators who chatted with customers that subsequently purchased an item.

This is perfect for businesses that use commission as a sales incentive

Whether you decide to outsource your live chat solution or assign internal employees, the auditing function can measure performance with a variety of hard numbers.

The ability to measure operator performance has far-reaching implications. By identifying operators that excel in their role you can drill down into individual chats and evaluate the root of their success. Similarly, you can identify the weak spots in underperforming operators. This information can then be combined to train new staff or underachievers. Many businesses think of website chat software solely as a sales or support tool but, with a little creativity and perseverance, it can also become a valuable asset to your training and recruitment department.

While being able to read individual chat transcripts is an auditing function, it can also benefit Marketing professionals. If a customer compliments the operator or the company as a whole, the operator can ask to use the snippet as a testimonial or piece of promotional content. This is a simple but effective way of building up a portfolio of satisfied customers.

Unfortunately not all customers will share a great experience with your business; there are always a handful of complaints.

Trying to find a mutual resolution for these conflicts should be a top priority for any company

Most dissatisfied customers will reach you by phone but the majority of phone support systems will only log the time of the call, i.e. there won’t be a script with the exact dialogue. If the issue gets taken further, an adjudicating authority is required to speculate about some of the evidence. By its very nature, website chat software is much easier to perform auditing duties with. Even that first contact with the customer is recorded and available should it be necessary to settle a dispute further down the line.

Organisation should adopt the best possible governance, risk and compliance policy. Website chat software can be part of that the auditing solution while also contributing to marketing, sales and internal training.

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