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How Website Chat Software Can Improve Customer Service

How Website Chat Software Can Improve Customer Service

Including a Live Chat Integration option on your website, allows you to establish successful connections with your visitors before, during and after they have made a purchase. In fact, a recent survey suggested that 63% of respondents were more likely to return to a website after engaging in a Live Chat. So what is it about this technology that really appeals to customers?

Instant Communication

We’ve all felt the frustration of waiting for an email reply, or sitting in a lengthy queue on the telephone. With Live Chat, the stress is removed and visitors have the reassurance of speaking to a real person, whilst having their questions answered immediately. Whether the visitor is looking for in depth technical advice, or has a small question that they didn’t feel warranted a phone call, Live Chat ensures they don’t leave your website to find that information elsewhere.

Clarity and Accuracy

Website Chat software prevents misunderstandings that can occur during a telephone conversation. Accents or noisy surroundings are no longer a problem due to the written nature of the conversation. Complicated steps can be written out clearly for visitors to follow at their own speed. Transcripts of the conversation can even be printed after the chat has finished, for review at a later date. Pre-defined replies to frequently asked questions can be stored and sent to customers during the chat. This saves time and ensures the information given is always accurate.

More than just Live Chat

The addition of features such as Co-Browse, allows agents to see the exact product or webpage the visitor is looking at, whilst they assist with their query. Tools like this aid operator understanding of the customer’s requirements, and improve efficiency when dealing with enquiries. Agents can navigate visitor’s web pages and show them around a website to find products, or show technical advice on-screen.

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