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Using Proactive Invitations to Prevent Abandonments and Improve Customer Service

Using Proactive Invitations to Prevent Abandonments and Improve Customer Service

This increases the probability it’s accepted and improves the overall experience received by the visitor

Presenting a Proactive based on the keywords used to reach your site, means you can use very specific wording. An invitation that asks: ‘Do you need some live help regarding our 24 hour T-shirt printing?’ is particularly useful if you provide a wide range of products or services. In the same way, Proactives can be presented when a specific page is hit by the visitor. This means you can present an invitation on important pages, when engaging in a live chat would increase the potential for a successful sale.

Proactive invitations can be invaluable when it comes to improving customer services, which according to a report by Oracle, is vitally important in a competitive market. The research report stated that 70% of the consumers they surveyed had stopped purchasing from a brand after a negative experience. While an improvement in the overall customer experience, providing quick access to information and making it easy to ask questions, were given as crucial reasons for an increase in spending with a company.

A key feature of online chat software is the ability to get answers to questions quickly, and Proactive invitations make this process even easier for your visitor. Implementing invitations on support or help pages provides this opportunity and prevents repeat or potential customers from looking elsewhere for information.

They can also be very effective at preventing shopping cart abandonment when errors occur

Sending an invitation when a credit card or payment fails, recognising something hasn't gone quite right, allows an operator to intercept and resolve the issue. This can be implemented for any error, but doing so for the example given, can prevent loss of revenue whilst maintaining the customer’s faith in your support.

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