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Software Industry Utilising Web Chat to Support Users

Software Industry Utilising Web Chat to Support Users

So why is online chat software so suited to software vendors?

One of the key reasons for this is its ability for software vendors to be able to understand more about their visitors or potential customers.  In many instances a user is simply browsing to find out more information about particular types of software.  The software vendor will not necessarily know what sector the user is from without engaging with them or answering queries.  Web chat software is able to tackle both of these tasks – by setting an instant two-way conversation online and answering queries about a specific type of software and also being able to potentially convert the user within the chat session.

This makes it a powerful tool for software vendors.

Very often, users or businesses browsing or sourcing information about a software purchase are keen to raise their conversions or satisfy a specific need.  A software purchase has to be the right choice with so many different types available so the customer will often have many specific questions that he or she wants quick answers to.  These may be about how it works, on what platforms and how difficult the installation is.  Giving quick and simple answers to these via online chat software puts the customers mind at rest and raises the potential for an instant purchase.

Another key issue may be price.  Software is often available via different vendors at differing prices.  Engaging in conversation with a user via web chat software gives the vendor a chance to explain why their software might cost a few more pounds than a competitor’s.  This might be because of certain features but also because of the types of after-sale support offered. Online chat Software reassures the potential purchaser that support is instantly available for their impending purchase.  Software can often be complex and the reassurance that help is instantly available is a positive when users are sourcing information.

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