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Unlocking the Potential of CRM Integration with online chat software

Unlocking the Potential of CRM Integration with online chat software

Phone, email and live chat operators are therefore the eyes and ears of a CRM-oriented business. For example, if a customer clicks on a chat button to investigate a used car that they are interested in purchasing, there are a range of questions that will need to be answered before the chat operator can convert the lead into a sale. How many miles are on the odometer? Where was the car originally brought? What kind of oil do you use in the car? Has anything on the car been replaced? – These are the kinds of questions that will need to be dealt with.

This is actually a good thing as it means there will be plenty to chat over and build a relationship with

Giving your operator a unique insight into the customer’s life, why are they interested in that model? What kind of price range are they looking at? Do they need insurance? These are the kinds of questions the operator should be asking in order to start building a profile on the CRM system. To make the most out of integrating online chat software it’s important to have curious operators who can gather important information from indirect questions.

The initial chat is an opportunity to make a sale but operators need to bear in mind the secondary objective of establishing a longer-term opportunity to identify leads and maintain contact through other marketing channels, like email. Moreover, all the information collected can be used to provide a better and more tailored service for when the customer next makes contact. That’s why it’s so important that online chat software is integrated with your CRM system.

Click4Assistance online chat software is capable of integrating with your MS Dynamics CRM system so that information garnered from chat sessions can be seamlessly recorded to the existing data within your system. This then helps to improve customer service, boost your marketing efforts and even makes for a more efficient chat service; allowing operators to submit leads and set tasks without having to switch systems. A correctly configured CRM would identify the website visitor enquiring about the car on a return visit and provide the operator with immediate context, thereby allowing them to pick up the conversation from where it left off.

Providing a holistic approach to customer contact ensures that individuals remain what they are: individuals

A principle that is appreciated by the customer, who receives better customer support, and the operator, who feels more confident in handling their query with the customer’s information at their fingertips. The Click4Assistance Live Chat Toolbox allows chat operators to access, review and update lead and customer information within CRM records directly from the online chat software. They can inject the live chat transcript and even search for duplicate records to ensure the best possible data management. Don’t miss out on the chance to unlock the potential in your CRM system.


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