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Web chat Software Empowering Health and Counselling Services

Web chat Software Empowering Health and Counselling Services

According to research, a fifth of adults have either used or are interested in using web chat software as a means of seeking medical advice or counselling online.  In simple terms, live chat is an excellent method for those seeking either quick or confidential advice online, especially with GPs pushed to breaking point and appointments often very hard to get.

The virtual healthcare market is experiencing strong growth with more recent emphasis being placed on a patient-driven model and services being made available outside the traditional clinical setting. 

There are also significant advantages for health services to offer web chat software and virtual counselling due to the lower associated costs and as a key differentiator in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Web chat software is a perfect solution for medical and counselling services to offer confidential advice not just for health issues but for more sensitive subjects such as drug addiction, mental health, sexual health, alcoholism and childcare problems.  Many people would initially prefer to seek advice on a confidential basis prior to engaging in person.  Live chat software is an excellent enabler for this and it also preserves anonymity should the individual wish for this to remain confidential.  As it’s available online it’s also available for users without the need to pick up the phone or to wait for a reply to an email – and support or quick help can be provided extremely quickly with little or no wait depending on response times.

Web chat software for health issues is often provided free for an initial consultation with an expert or medical professional.  Often that is all that’s needed if someone is seeking a quick reassurance or advice.  But it also opens a communication process for further services if they are required whereby a face-to-face consultation or similar further online appointment can be arranged.

Live chat services provided online also put the customer or advice seeker in control.

They can choose at which point they provide personal details and what level of support they require – whether further online support or a face-to-face consultation.

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