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UK Consumers Downloading more data on Mobiles and Tablets than any other Major Nation

UK Consumers Downloading more data on Mobiles and Tablets than any other Major Nation

As of December 2011, the average mobile connection in the United Kingdom accessed 424 megabytes of data, making it the highest of any major country

Online shopping also rose by 14% last year, bringing the UK spend per head on e-commerce to £1,083. This rise coincides with the increasing prominence of mobile internet usage in the UK. Around one sixth of all online traffic now comes from a mobile connected device, highlighting the increasing importance of having a dedicated mobile site.

Website Chat Software is the perfect tool for ensuring your website reaches its full potential. The Toolbox allows you to approach and converse with your site visitors in the same way as you would in a bricks and mortar store, ensuring their questions are answered and increasing the likelihood of purchase. You can even direct them to pages around your site, or straight to checkout to complete their transaction.

The flexibility of the solution means you can design chat windows to fit with your mobile site, to ensure engagement with all of your visitors. For more information about the sales benefits of Click4Assistance’s Website Chat Software contact our team

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