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Click4Assistance UK Software Provider Partners with Largest UK Furniture Retailer

Click4Assistance UK Software Provider Partners with Largest UK Furniture Retailer

Harveys Furniture is one of the most recognised brands in the UK's home design market. The company has enjoyed a tremendous online presence for a number of years but the executive team at Harveys were keen to investigate how they could better capture the interest of shoppers in the early stages of the buying cycle. Management quickly initiated talks with live chat software providers and were intrigued to learn that a chat management system could potentially transform their customer handling processes and allow the company to make substantial savings on staff labour costs when implemented correctly.

With the help of the dedicated team of consultants and engineers at Click4Assistance, Harveys has successfully implemented a live chat system that allows visitors to get in touch with a representative at the click of a button. The system is intended to dramatically improve service levels by allowing the company to offer fast and accurate responses to customer queries online, without the need for further communication via phone or email.

Click4Assistance's Director Gary Martin is certain that the new web chat platform will prove to be an excellent investment for Harveys.

"Our own research has proven that customers are four times more likely to make a purchase if they have access to a live chat facility, so we're confident that the retailer will experience a higher conversion rate as long as all enquiries are handled effectively," he says.

"We will be working closely with the company in the coming months to offer its web team on-going support and are looking forward to developing a long-standing relationship with Harveys," he adds.

Harveys Head of Digital Perry Braun says: "Click4Assistance offers our customers a fantastic service allowing our brand to have a real time relationship with our customers online. I am extremely excited by this partnership as we aim to be at the forefront of Live Chat software developments and customer experience online."

Visit the Harveys Furniture website to see the software in action, or take a look at Click4Assistance's product features for more information on the benefits of live chat software for businesses.

Helping clients to converse, monitor and engage with their customers, Click4Assistance is the UK's best live chat software provider, supplying bespoke online communications solutions to businesses of all sizes. The company is always one step ahead of expectations and ensures its partners are armed with the very latest technology, including cutting-edge web analytics tools, to maximise their ROI from the software they choose to implement. For more information please call 0845 123 5871 to speak to a member of the team directly.

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