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Website Chat Software - the Fastest Current Medium for Customer Service

Website Chat Software - the Fastest Current Medium for Customer Service

Its speed and accuracy is winning over many online stores and also many customers who use it to engage online. 

The telephone has traditionally been the number 1 method of customer service for online users due to a desire for human interaction but call queues and automation have left many users frustrated and seeking alternative solutions wherever possible.

77% of consumers have indicated that they would like some kind of assistance or human interaction prior to purchasing online – this is the number 1 reason for shopping cart abandonment.  The speed with which live chat software can respond to customers is the key factor.  It’s also highly unlikely that customers browsing from a mobile or tablet will turn to the phone or email to seek help.  However, because website chat software can be successfully delivered in the same browser session via mobile devices, it serves as a perfect customer service solution for mobile purchasers.

In research into repeat purchasing on online stores, 62% of users stated that they would be more likely to repeat purchase from a site that had live chat enabled for customer support.  Similarly 38% stated that their purchase had been completed solely because of support offered via website chat software and because of the speed with which the support was provided.  This sentiment was also more prevalent amongst more experienced or frequent online purchasers.  This shows that live chat software works even better for the internet generation and this will become more commonplace.

This is a real bonus for businesses that rely or depend on online trading. 

Website chat software reduces servicing costs with related costs per customer lower than phone or email support.

Click4Assistance has been providing live chat software since 2004.  To find out more and see how it can help your business improve customer service efficiency, speak to one of our team today. Click here for further information.

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