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Why your Business should consider Website Chat Software

Why your Business should consider Website Chat Software

Click4Assistance was one of the early pioneers of website chat software in the UK.  There are signs that this type of customer service interaction and capability is now experiencing a period of strong growth.  Here are some of the reasons for this.


Ease of Access

Quite simply, website chat software is the simplest and most convenient way to interact with customers on your website.  When customers know that they can instantly converse with someone rather than waiting for what often appears to be ages to be connected by phone (often at a cost to them), they’re more likely to come back.


Cost Effectiveness

Adding live chat can be very cost effective for businesses.  Higher conversions and increased levels of customer service mean live chat often pays for itself within one month.  More and more businesses have reported higher levels of customer satisfaction after implementing website chat software.


Online Branding

Click4Assistance’s website chat software can be customised to mirror your brand.  When your customers chat to you the brand experience is consistent with your colours and imagery – an end-to-end complete brand execution on your site.  And that will make your business stand out from your competitors.



Website chat software also provides your business with valuable data including chat transcripts.  These transcripts offer a valuable insight to how customers are thinking and their views on your brand, where they find your website hard to navigate and what products they are weighing up.  This kind of information can’t be gathered from traditional analytics tools.



When you’re engaging with customers at the point of sale, there is a real opportunity to not only clinch a purchase but to upsell.  Because of the higher than average satisfaction with the live chat experience, business have reported higher conversion rates and a higher average order value when they engage with customers using live chat.

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