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Bradford University Turns the Big 50 This Year!

Bradford University Turns the Big 50 This Year!


Bradford has also received some great awards, including an MBA and a Royal Charter, making it the 40th University to be built in Britain. Bradford’s reputation of providing international courses continues to grow as new students enrol.

In this generation, it’s very rare to hear teenagers talking on the phone. More likely is the clicking and tapping of their touchscreen devices. Since talking via telephone seems to be going extinct, it’s becoming more pressurized for them to actually talk on the phone which is why implementing live chat on website is a great way for youngsters to communicate. Especially those who are starting University soon.

Live Chat is an instantly responsive tool that is simple to use. Whether you have a hearing impediment or just a bad quality microphone really doesn’t matter, using live chat on website is just like communicating over text. Putting everything on hold when having a conversation on the phone means jobs will not be completed, knowing teenagers, they will end up distracted! Using live chat allows them to finish what they’re doing and go back to the chat when they’re ready. This also gives either the teenager or the operator a chance to think about their question, or what to say next.

With social media and mobile phones being the side kick of this generation, and the dislike of talking on the telephone, teenagers are more than familiar with text based communication. Their personal use with social media only improves their knowledge which means they’ll adapt to live chat rather quickly. Even if they’re on the go the potential student is still able to stay in chat and receive instant replies – unlike the wait for an email.

Email transcripts are a great feature within the live chat solution as this means that operators can send over any evidence of the chat if needed – much like a screenshot on a mobile. This could include any information, for example if the operator is talking to a student, they may send over a transcript of details regarding the location around the University, or information about travel fees.

Implementing live chat means it’s free to chat! Beneficial to all of course, but mainly students as they have limited income, international students will experience the benefit too, with no costly international calls.

University of Bradford Using Live Chat on Website

Bradford University uses live chat on website

For the first year, Bradford implemented the Click4Assistance live chat on website solution to help with clearing, filling extra spaces for the new academic year, using an outsourced company to help deal with the incoming enquiries. By the second year, they started resourcing the solution internally soon realising the saved time spent on the phone allowed for more enquiries to be dealt with quicker and more efficiently. They introduced meeting rooms enabling multiple students to engage with advisors in a group chat setting for a variety of enquiries including virtual open days.

Live chat is a great means for communication and comes as a benefit whether you’re a student or working in a business. With all the features and benefits live chat on website has to offer, why not give Click4Assistance’s free trial a go and see what you think. Contact 0845 123 5871 or email for more information and speak to one of our account managers today!

Author: Rae Boyling
Rae is the Marketing Assistant for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with experience in copy and original writing, Rae produces content for articles appearing on the Click4Assistance website and email campaigns.

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