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From banking to asset management, insurance brokers and underwriters, security is a top priority. UK based ‘Experiences’ by Click4Assistance has been designed with advanced security and enhanced reporting.

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What Our Clients Say

Frequently these software companies are fairly faceless. Not with Click4Assistance. Brilliant Customer Care, you can always speak to someone instantly with any queries and they are only too happy to help. Importantly also they are very often an expert in the field. That’s before talking about the software which does more than the job and helps us with our constant quest to find new ways of interacting with our clients. Recommend the company and its software to anyone.

Luke Balnave

Questor Insurance

Questor Insturance logo - a Click4Assistance live chat customer.

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Live chat provider Click4Assistance is FSQS registered
GDPR regulated UK live chat provider


UK Data Storage for your live chat for website

UK Data

ISO 27001 adherence when it comes to live chat for your website

ISO 27001

GCloud platform used for online chat sofware


Saas Live chat provider Click4Assistance is FSQS registered


Live Chat for Insurance from the Experts

16 years of providing live chat software to the insurance industry in the UK means we have a vast pool of knowledge and experience. Collaboration with the biggest brands in underwriting has fuelled development of the solution and changes to business practices to ensure the software is the perfect fit for Insurance companies.

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Registered with FSQS, Click4Assistance make procurement straightforward and provide the flexibility required. We know that data can be highly sensitive. It’s now more essential than ever to include digital within your communication and engagement strategy. Our insurance organisations receive support from people who understand the challenges.

  • Easily add short term licences at peak times
  • Video chat for face to face consultations
  • Easy to implement chatbots to triage consultations
  • High security protocols
  • Support when you need it

Rapid Responses Reduce Resources

Proven to improve customer satisfaction, increase first contact resolution, reduce time and save costs, Live Chat is the preferred method of communication for brokers, underwriters and customers alike

  • Quote queries
  • Claims
  • Renewals
  • Changes to policies
  • General enquiries
Live chat dialogue example.

Hi Doug, welcome to our live chat, how can I help you?

Hello, I’ve changed my address.

No problem Doug, can I take your policy number please?


Thanks Doug, I’ll need to confirm the first line of your old address please.

1 Any Street, Sometown

Thanks can I take your new address please?

Live chat dialogue with a chatbot. Male live chat operator photo.

Welcome to live chat Doug! I’m CONI the chatbot, here to answer your questions or get you to the right advisor. Please select one of the below:

Make a claim

Renew a policy

Get a quote

Change my policy


Change my policy

Great, what kind of change would you like to make?

Change Address

Add/remove someone

Change vehicle


Change Address

Thanks Doug, could I take your policy number please?


Thanks Doug, could you confirm the first line of your old address please.

1 Any Street, Sometown

Thanks Doug. One of my human colleagues will need to look this up for you, I’ll connect you now.

Transferred to Advisor

Live chat operator photo.

Hi Doug, I have all the information I need to look up your policy change, please bear with me for one moment…

Add a Chatbot to your Team

When the majority of visitor questions are repetitive and easy to answer, automating your solution makes perfect sense. A chatbot acts like another member of your team, taking chats and answering the visitor quickly and easily 24/7, answering, advising and signposting where required.

When only a human response will do, your bot will hand off to the appropriate available agent, transferring the chat just like a human colleague, with a full transcript of the conversation visible. Your bot can even be used to triage enquiries, performing more complex routing by asking preliminary questions to establish the correct team.

Save time and money, reduce resources and improve customer satisfaction with a chatbot today.

MultiChannel Conversations in one Dashboard

More than live chat, Click4Assistance allows you to converse with customers on any of their chosen platforms. Integration with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS ensures you include customers that prefer to use social platforms to communicate.

Complex routing capabilities enables multiple teams to operate within the same account.

Comprehensive reporting allows full transparency and compliance with regulatory bodies.

With a feature rich, easy to use solution which continues to develop you ensure your organisation is future proofed to handle new messaging platforms and exceed your customers expectation.

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Providing live chat software over 16 years for various different industries, including 25% of UK Universities with nearly 40% of our customer base comprising of Public Services, Charities and Insurance companies, we are specialists in these areas.

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Click4Assistance chat for websites powers the Lighthouse Group chat. Click4Assistance web chat software is used by One Call Insurance. South Yorkshire Pensions Authority uses the UKs best live chat provider.

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