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Overview of adding chat to a website.

Click4Assistance UK is a live chat software provider, providing the latest chat technology to a variety of business websites in different industries and markets. Although the uptake of live chat technology has increase dramatically in the UK recently, to ensure a successful implication we have provided this guide with useful information.

Although add chat to a website is straight forward, as a business there are factors you may wish to consider which include the type of chat window you wish to appear, the actual location of the button on the website, what happens when you’re not online and how you should deal with chats in the most efficient manner.

Let’s address some of these in more details, or for more specific information see details on how to add live chat to a website.

Notes on add chat to website

Chat Window or Chat Widgets

The Click4Assistance UK solution provides 2 types of chat window, or chat interface. When you wish to add chat to website you have these 2 options:

Using the popup chat window when the chat button is clicked the chat window will open in a separate window to the main business website. This method gives complete flexibility over the design and layout of the chat window, allowing businesses to fully brand and customise the look, this can include displaying promotion images or showing the operators photograph during the conversation.

add chat to website using popup chat window

The embedded chat window, or sometimes referred to as a chat widget, are part of the existing business website, when the chat button is clicked the widget slides out from the bottom of the webpage allowing the visitor to instigate a chat. Should the visitor navigate from page to page the chat session still remains open allowing the live chat to continue while they remain on the website. Although the chat widget is fully customisable, due to its nature you are somewhat limited to space which may present an issue if you wanted to show promotional images etc.

add chat to website using chat widget

Chat Buttons

A chat button is basically a image (like any other image on your website), the main difference is its ability to change design based on the available of your operators. The Click4Assistance solution enable the chat button to automatically toggle between an “online” or “offline” state, you even have the ability to hide the chat button when no operators are available to handle chats.

When it comes to add chat to website , for the location of your button there are a number of things to consider, firstly are you looking to generate the maximum number of enquiries through live chat, or are you only looking to offer live chat on certain areas or web-pages on your site. Once you have decided on how your business is looking to implement live chat on their website, the next decision is where its should be placed within the pages in question. Most businesses opt for a sticky button which remains visible in the bottom right of each webpage even when the visitor scrolls up and down, although common knowledge states visitor look for a call-to-action in the top-right of the webpage.

How to add chat to website

Click4Assistance live chat software has been designed to make adding live chat as simple and streamlined as possible regardless of the type of website, business and its industry. There are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Create an account and download software
  • An email will be sent with the relevant script, or login to software and generate the script
  • Customise the chat button
  • Customise the chat windows

Adding chat to a website is just a simple matter of copying the small piece of HTML into your website, we usually recommend placing it within a common competent such as a header or footer area, this way the chat button is replicated across all pages with one insertion.

Once live chat has been added to the website, the actual chat button and chat window is all configured through the Click4Assistance software, the script will never require any further adjustments.

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