Customer Service Chat

You can completely transform your customer service with our chat software

You can completely transform your customer service with our chat software

People are trying to purchase your product but they are either being distracted or they cannot figure out how to make the purchase. There is a problem or a dispute people want to resolve as soon as possible and the sooner the problem is resolved, the happier your customers will be

Both these tasks can be achieved by providing your individual customer the chat service he or she can rely on. Every customer service chat that you have is a brick in the building of your enterprise, a link in the development chain and as the proverb goes; your chain is as strong as your weakest link.

Customer Service Chat

Why a customer service chat facility is indispensable for your website

People these days are looking for instant solutions to their problems and issues, especially when they have paid for your product. In fact various surveys have revealed that even when people are not happy with a particular product, if they have had a good experience getting support from the company, they are more than happy to recommend the product to their friends, family members and colleagues. This sort of support you can easily give via customer chat service that empowers your visitors to click the chat icon and initiate an interaction with you.

When it comes to getting support a typical customer is more comfortable using the chat service rather than picking up the phone and making a call because a chat service is just a click away. Even writing an email can be bothersome to many customers. Sending an email means waiting for a reply which may put off many people. The customer chat service on the other hand gives an impression of immediacy. When a person clicks a chat icon he knows that he is going to get immediate response. This encourages more and more people to contact you in case they are facing a problem rather than posting hostile messages on social networking websites.

Customer service chat software with real-time capabilities

The greatest benefit of having customer service live chat software installed on your website is it gives you real-time capabilities to talk to your prospective customers and clients whether you want to text chat or video chat (will require a web cam on both the sides). It’s not just talking that you have to do while interacting with your prospective customers and clients. Often you also have to exchange information like files and URLs. This is extremely easy using our customer service chat software. You can exchange all formats of files. You can copy/paste URLs of relevant webpages, blog posts and articles. Sometimes the information exists on your website but somehow your customer isn’t able to find it. You can quickly provide the direct link.

You can also prepare canned responses to standard questions. As you go on answering questions using your customer service chat interface you will be able to prepare a repository of questions that people normally ask. You can prepare canned responses to such questions and queries to save time and also to eliminate chances of error.

You can start using our customer service chat software today in just a few minutes

People see a marked improvement in their customer retention rate once they start using our customer service chat software and in order to usher in such a big change you don’t need to wait for weeks and months. You can achieve this within the next 10 minutes.

Yes, you can install our customer service chat software immediately.

Need help? You can use the chat icon on our website and one of our support persons will assist you in downloading the installation files and then uploading them on to your FTP server. Once you have installed the customer service chat software you will be able to track the movements of your customers with immediate effect. You will be able to see from which page your customers are entering your website, which all pages they are visiting and mostly on which page they leave your website without doing business with you. You can strategically time your interventions and stop people from going away. Be there when they need you, and approach them when you think they need your assistance. Start our free live chat software trial today.

Customer Service Chat