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Are you wondering what makes us one of the best live chat companies not just in the UK but throughout the length and breadth of the Internet? No, we don’t mean to boast but the reality is for the past 10 years our performance has been unmitigated. Although you may think that we primarily provide live chat customer services to businesses and companies within UK (and obviously there is an advantage to UK-based companies because of our local connections and experience) we’re not just restricted to UK-based companies.

Aside from the exceptional after-sale support that they get from us, the companies and businesses that install our live chat software benefit tremendously due to the following reasons:

  • Interact with your visitors in real-time
  • Convert your casual visitors into paying customers and clients by providing them timely help
  • Be there for your prospective customers and clients when they need your help
  • Develop an intelligence by using our analytics features
  • Immediately know if your visitors are representing particular companies, businesses, government departments and organisations
  • Upsell complementary and extra products and services
Live Chat Companies

Why UK companies use live chat software from Click4Assistance?

We are the only live chat companies providing the most comprehensive live chat software available anywhere in the country and this is why most of the companies prefer our product rather than wasting time elsewhere. Since all sorts of companies use our live chat application we have made it completely scalable. Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized business or a large enterprise, you can easily scale our live chat application seamlessly. And not just scale, but also customise it according to the look and feel of your website as well as your branding needs.

Another reason why UK companies prefer our live chat software is because we have extensive local support available round-the-clock. When you just randomly choose a service on the Internet there is a great chance that you will end up with a company that is based on the other side of the globe having no idea of your concerns and problems. Sometimes they don’t even understand your language or you don’t understand their accent. This is why most of the companies based in UK prefer our services because whenever there is a problem we can immediately provide an answer due to our local experience.

Providing live chat services to companies and organisations across the spectrum

Wondering whether your company needs a live chat application running round the clock on your website or not? Believe us, it does. We have seen all sorts of companies using our live chat application and immediately experiencing improvement in their sales. Actually it’s quite logical. When you can talk to your visitors there is a greater chance that they will buy from you rather than from a website that silently exists without any help or interaction.

On many e-commerce websites the problem is not with a product or a service, the problem is that people are not able to make out how to make the purchase. Do you know that shopping cart abandonment rate is almost 60%? This means – and many companies don’t even know this – 60 out of 100 visitors leave the website despite having the intention to do business simply because they cannot figure out how to proceed. What a waste of marketing money and effort. You can easily reduce this abandonment rate by half and even more by engaging people when they are on your website.

Customers trust companies having live chat software on their website more compared to those that don’t

More than 70% customers agree that they are more eager to do business with companies using a live chat facility on their websites. This is because they can talk to an actual person in case there is a problem, which is not the case when the live chat facility is not there. Companies engage their visitors two ways using live chat applications:

  1. Readily provide assistance when there is a problem
  2. Approach the visitor in a friendly manner if it is felt there is a problem

Having live chat on your website doesn’t mean you constantly need to wait for the visitor to click the chat icon and initiate a chat session with you or one of your representatives. You can proactively initiate a chat session and in fact, most of the companies use the live chat facility just this way.

Your time to check out various live chat companies has come to an end, fortunately

Going through the details of various live chat companies can be quite a time-consuming affair, but fortunately you have found the right solution for you that is going to serve you and your customers and clients for many years. We have a live chat solution for you that can be completely tailored according to your individual needs. Download it today. Yes, there is a trial version available too.

Live Chat Companies