Live chat software for business

Our live chat software has the ability to completely turn around your business and even if your business is giving satisfactory results, it can provide an instant boost. This is because every business under the sun depends on customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction doesn't just mean people being happy with your product or service. More than that it means when people face some problem, when they face some issue, they can get it resolved as soon as possible. Live chat software allows you to do that.

Why use live chat software for business?

There are multiple reasons why you would use our live chat software for business. Once you have it installed and embedded, a chat button instantly becomes visible on your website and according to your settings, it tells your visitors whether you are available to chat or not. Ideally, your chat button should always be in the "available" mode.

Whether your chat button is in the "available" or "unavailable" mode the basic idea is to empower your visitors and let them contact you as soon as they need you.

When you install the live chat software for your business you will be surprised to discover how many people want to contact you either because they are having some problem with the product or service they have purchased from you or they simply need information to make up their minds. In many cases they cannot figure out how to buy your product or service. Isn't it tragic that people want to do business with you but since they don't know how, they leave your website?

Live Chat Software For Business

Our live chat software for business allows you to engage your visitors when it matters

There is a set pattern when it comes to people leaving your website without doing business with you. This set pattern can be observed using the web analytics feature of our live chat software for business. This web analytics feature allows you to closely observe the behaviour of your visitors such as through which page they enter your website, which all pages they visit, where they linger around and at what juncture they leave your website. The web analytics tool that comes with our live chat can be a big business asset because it lets you observe the user behaviour on your website and then engage with your visitors to intervene before they leave.

As you keep on using the live chat software on your business website for a few weeks or a couple of months you will learn when to initiate a chat session with the visitor. For different situations you can create different canned responses to save time and in order to engage multiple visitors at the same time. For instance, if there are 3 stages in your shopping cart checkout process and you know that mostly people abandon the shopping cart in the 2nd stage; through a small non-intrusive pop-up you can offer help. They will appreciate it that there is someone to assist them and they are not just dealing with an isolated website.

You know that almost 85% visitors may head to other websites if they don't find the answers to their questions and concerns on your website? And once they are gone, they are normally gone. If they find the answers on another website they might as well buy what they want from them. This is why it is very important that you take the initiative and provide them the needed help in real-time.

How live chat software stops people from going away from your business

A live chat software button on your business website encourages people to reach out to you even if they hadn't initially planned to reach out. If they have some problem they might as well ask you using your chat software rather than doing online research and wasting time. A live chat software can stop people from going away from your business two ways:

  1. You initiate a dialogue
  2. They reaching out to you

Both ways the live chat software stops people from going to another business website. If they have a problem, if they cannot decide, if they cannot figure out whether your product has that particular feature or not, they can ask you using your chat button. In the same vein, if you feel that they are scouring through various sections on your website you can politely ask them if they need some assistance, and normally they do.

82% Internet users say that live chat software on a business website influences them positively and if they are influenced positively, they are more eager to do business with you.

Install the live chat software on your business website today

Installing live chat software on your business website isn't as complicated as you may think, since it involves 3rd-party software. All you have to do is register on our website and just run the setup file (everything is there in the documentation) and within a few minutes you are ready to go.

No-obligation-involved full-featured live chat software is available for a trial period so that you can experience first-hand the massive benefits it can bring you. Go ahead, click the chat icon on our website for more information, or simply start the trial version of our live chat software right now.

Live Chat Software For Business

Live Chat Software For Business