Keep people on your website with our live chat software

Live chat software from Click4Assistance allows you to keep people on your website for a longer time and as it has been proven time and again, the longer people stay on your website, the more they are eager to do business with you. A big percentage of people who land on your website won't stay for more than 5-10 seconds and that too if they are specifically interested in the product or service you are promoting. The moment they come to your website they are already thinking of going to another website. Using our live chat software you can keep people hooked on to your website for a longer time.

Live Chat Software For Websites

Encourage them to have a conversation with you with our live chat software

You can strategically place the live chat software icon on your website so that the moment they feel like contacting someone, they can instinctively click the chat icon or tap it and start a conversation with one of your representatives. Even casual conversations can turn into great business opportunities if they are carefully managed.

Our non-intrusive chat prompts can invite people to have a chat with you using the live chat software as soon as they land on your website. As already mentioned, the prompts will be totally non-intrusive and so your visitors won't be annoyed. These chat prompts or pop-ups can be manually initiated by you or they can be automated so that they are triggered after, say 5 seconds or 10 seconds.

You can also make the chat prompts event-based. Suppose you want to have a conversation with your visitor when he or she visits a particular section on your website. Two actions need to happen – you need to be notified that the person has reached the particular section, and then you should be able to initiate a chat session with that person. This is easily made possible with our live chat for websites. Our toolbox allows you to track every movement of your visitor so that you can initiate chat sessions at strategic points to maximise the benefit of your interactions.

Another point where many people leave your website is when they abandon your shopping cart midway. This happens when they cannot figure out how to proceed. Maybe at some point they get confused or are unsure of whether they are actually buying what they need. There are some tell-tale signs that our live chat software can tell you over a period of time and then you can use these tell-tale signs to offer help at a particular juncture and stop these people from abandoning your shopping cart. This small feature can tremendously improve the performance of your website.

Encourage people to come to your website repeatedly with live chat software

When you provide timely help or assistance people are more prone to coming to your website to seek your guidance at the smallest opportunity. Remember that interaction doesn't always have to involve buying or purchasing your product or service. It also involves establishing long-term relationships with people who may turn into your customers or clients later on and even if they don't directly become your customers and clients, they can refer other people to your website.

In fact you can mention this on your checkout page that once they have purchased your product or service they are always welcome to contact you using your live chat in case they face some problem or they cannot figure out how to make use of what they have purchased. Make them feel welcome. Even for smallest issue, encourage them to come to your website and use your live chat support.

Live chat software from Click4Assistance is easy to install

It just takes a few minutes to download our live chat software. Our trial version for which you don't have to make any financial commitment comes with all the features that are included in the paid version. You don't need to enter your credit card details. Simply register on our website, download the installation files, upload them onto your server, run the setup file and then embedded the code where you would like the chat button or chat icon to appear. That's it. You can start engaging people and increase your sales within a few minutes. Try our live chat solution now.

Live Chat Software For Websites

Live Chat Software For Websites