Live chat software developed and marketed in the UK

What sets us apart from other live chat software companies is that we are wholly based in the UK and especially cater to the UK market. If you have worked with the so-called "global" product and service providers, we are sure you know what's so great about a live chat software company solely serving UK clients.

Live Chat Software UK

A live chat software UK company that understands your problems and speaks your language

It's great that we live in a globally connected world. As an IT-based company here at Click4Assistance we are totally comfortable with the idea of people coming together from various countries and continents to promote a product or service to a totally alien demography. In fact the entire idea behind our live chat solution is to enable people across the globe to log into the dashboard and manage chat sessions through whatever devices they are working, wherever they are, in whichever time zone. And yes, even if you're not in the UK, there should be nothing to stop you from using our live chat software.

But here we are specifically trying to cater to the UK market through our totally dedicated staff that is totally comfortable with the local cultural, sociological dispositions, language, speaking nuances and climactic conditions.

Benefits of using live chat software from a UK-based company

Talking to a support person these days can turn out to be a really frustrating experience. You suddenly hear a strange accent because the person trying to provide you the support – with all the good intentions – speaks another language. Sometimes you don't understand what he or she is trying to say and sometimes he or she doesn't understand what you are trying to say. Eventually you give up.

It is totally the opposite case when you need support from Click4Assistance. All our support persons are UK-based. They speak your language. They understand your local problems. When you use our live chat software you get a dedicated account manager who is from the UK, speaks your language, lives in your time zone and understands your needs. Even our developers are from UK.

More and more businesses and organizations in the UK are using our live chat software

Reliability and accountability can be a big issue for businesses where communication is extremely important. We understand that people in the UK, compared to other regions of the world, are more sensitive towards their privacy and data safety. This is why we use highly secure servers to not only host our live chat software service but also to keep data of our customers completely safe from prying eyes. We use 256-bit encryption technology to not just host the chat software but also to keep the chat transcripts belonging to your customers and clients totally safe.

The live chat software toolbox has an amazing set of features and one of such features is the ability to tell you from where a particular visitor has logged on to your website. For example, you can watch your visitors in real-time while they browse your website and know whether they are browsing your website from UK or from somewhere else. You can also know from which page they came to your website and in some cases if they came from a search engine, what keywords or search terms they used before coming to your website. This will tell you which are the better performing keywords for your website.

UK businesses are increasing their sales with our live chat software

The real-time live chat facility is 100% customisable so practically every business can use it. You can proactively engage your visitors by offering to help them via your chat window. It has been observed that many people leave the shopping cart midway because they cannot figure out how to proceed. By carefully observing user behaviour on your website and with the help of our live chat software you will be able to gather enough intelligence to create a system that allows you to approach your visitors in case you feel they are stuck and cannot proceed. This way you can drastically cut the shopping cart abandonment rate on your website.

Make use of our live chat software like other UK businesses

Although we primarily focus on the UK businesses, wherever you are, you can easily download our live chat software -Just register yourself and run run the setup file. Within a few minutes you will be able to display the chat button on your website that people can use to talk to you. There is no financial obligation. But you get all the features that are shipped with the premium version of our live chat software UK. So whether you are in the UK or somewhere else, do check out our live chat software right now.

Live Chat Software UK

Live Chat Software UK