Provide live chat support on your website and get loyal customers for your business

One of the greatest benefits of installing live chat on your website is that you can tremendously improve the speed and quality of support that you need to provide after people have purchased your product or service. Rarely there is a business that does not have to provide after-sale support and live chat is the best tool to carry it out due to its real-time nature.

Live Chat Support

Increase customer loyalty with live chat support

No matter how lousy your product or service is – no, we don't mean to say your product or service is actually lousy, it is just an example – if your support is up to the mark, people don't really mind. There are many businesses promoting mediocre products and services but provide excellent support service and due to that do brisk business. Our live chat support solution can help you come to your customers' and clients' rescue when they actually need your help.

Speed of resolution is of extreme importance when your customers and clients are facing some problem regarding your product or service. Telephone has a bad reputation – people fear being kept on hold or contacting the wrong person or not understanding what the person on the other side is trying to say (with most of the support services being outsourced these days). With the email they have no idea when they are going to hear back from you. Even if you mention that you are going to respond within these many hours, they might get impatient and decide not to email you their problem at all.

Live chat support on the other hand encourages your customers and clients to immediately contact you and seek your help. You or your chat agent can handle 3 customers at a time. This is not possible on phone or email where you can only handle one query at a time. As you become readily available customer and client loyalty for your business increases manifold.

Our live chat support toolbox equips you with the needed intelligence

The more you know about your visitors, the better you can handle their problems. For example, you can monitor your visitors in real-time while they are visiting various sections of your website. Our live chat software toolbox provides you intelligence like,

  • Through which web page the visitor you are observing entered your website?
  • Where he has spent most of his time on your website?
  • If he came from a search engine, what keywords or search term he used in order to find your website?
  • What is his geographic location?
  • Does he represent a company?
  • Currently on which page he is?
  • In case he leaves your website, on which page he leaves your website?
  • And much more.

You don't know more about your visitors, customers and clients just by monitoring their behaviour while they are on your website. In case they are registered on your website, you can save their chat history so that you can refer back to it and acquaint yourself with their pre-existing concerns. If a person logs in before initiating a chat session with you, the saved transcripts will automatically be available to you.

You can get live chat support for your website right now

The live chat support from Click4Assistance is not a geeky tool. You won't require a programmer. If you need to customise precisely according to your current website setup, you may need some help if you are not comfortable with style sheet design and modifying HTML and JavaScript. You can seek help from another expert or take up our service and we will customise and integrate our live chat support software with your existing website setup with great speed.

Ready to change your business forever? Register on our website if you haven't already done so and run the setup. Within minutes you will be able to provide real-time live chat support to your prospective as well as current customers and clients.

Live Chat Support Software

Live Chat Support Software