A live chat solution for PHP Websites

The Click4Assistance solution enables live chat, visitor tracking and the ability to proactive engage with customers on your website. Regardless of how your business has designed its website or what platform the website is built upon, Click4Assistance is guaranteed to work!

Php Live Chat

What is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a common language used by many developers when building websites. Its usually runs on a UNIX or LINUX platform using a MySQL database, however in some case it can be run on Microsoft Windows with a SQL database.

As the name suggests PHP pre-processes the hypertext (HTML), basically it generates the relevant HTML, CSS and Javascript that is used to render the web-page.

What sets PHP apart from something like client-side JavaScript is that the code is run and executed on the hosting server; it then generates HTML which is then sent to the browser. The browser would receive the results (the HTML, CSS and JavaScript), but would not have any idea about the underlying PHP code was.

Some of the best features in using PHP are that it is very easy for a beginner, however it provides many advanced features for the professional developer.

Live chat for PHP and .NET Website

The Click4Assistance chat button and the other components such as real-time visitor tracking, meeting rooms, smartContact forms and Click2Call are just small snippets of HTML/Javascript wish are added to the website and/or the relevant webpages(s).

Due to the fact these components are standard HTML/Javascript scripts they can be added to any website regardless of the platform they are built upon, so whether your using PHP or .NET all of the Click4Assistance components including the chat button will work.

Click4Assistance and Wordpress

As you may or may not know the leading website platform Wordpress is built using PHP, they allow developers to write “plug-ins” which can be simply added to any Wordpress website, these plug-ins basically inject the relevant HTML and Javacript into the web page.

For companies using Wordpress, Click4Assistance has developed its own live chat widget plug-in, simply install the plug-in into your website and a chat button will appear, it really is as simple as that!

Not only does the PHP Wordpress plugin give you the ability to chat live with visitors on your website, other functionality also allows you to monitor visitor in real-time as they browse your website, seeing what pages they have viewed, how they came to your website and even what keywords they used.

By knowing when visitors are on your website, Click4Assistance can automatically push invitations in front of their eyes. These invitations usually offer support and help, inviting the visitor to click a button and start a chat.

Other features

As mentioned not only can you add a live chat widget to your website, but all the following features are available for PHP based websites:

  • Real-time visitor tracking and monitoring
  • Push proactive invitations in front of customer offer help and advice
  • Use the video chat functionality providing 1 or 2 way voice and video calls
  • Add a Click2Call button, allowing website visitors to enter their phone number and be connected straight away to your land—line
  • Add a meeting room your website and conduct conferences and seminars with multiple visitors in a single room.

All of these features are available with the Click4Assitance product, and can easy be embedded into any PHP website.

Looking to add to your website

Click4Assistance can be added to any business website in a matter of minutes, we offer a fully feature 21 day trial so you can see the benefits the software offers with no obligation.

Just sign-up to our trial which can be found on the website, entering your name, email address and domain name, your trial accounts is then created and you are sent a welcome email together with the scripts you need to add to your website. Once your account is created you can download the light-weight piece of software (its around 1MB in size), you even have the option to use your browser to access all the features and handle chats.

Simply copy and paste the script directly into your webpages and you have a live chat solution up and ready.

Php Live Chat

Php Live Chat