A wealth of information accumulated over the last 10 years regarding various communication tools, providing strategies for implementation, best practices and success stories.

Which? Improve Customer Service with UK Best Live Chat
Card One Banking’s Success with Live Chat on Website
Reports in Live Chat for Website Software
UK Multiple Sclerosis Charity Handle Enquiries via “Chat On Your Website”
Small Families Holidays Answer Queries via Chat for Website Software
Evaluating The Role Of Technology In Education
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Budgeting for the New Minimum Wage
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Orbital Travel Conducts Live Chat on Your Website Tool
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Sefton Council’s Live Chat Integration Story
What’s the LiFi Password?
How to Add Live Chat to My Website: Setting up an Account and Users
Black Friday Deal Preparation
Loan Provider Implements Live Chat on Website
The Psychology behind the Product
Health Organisations Implement Chat On Your Website Tool
Travel Media Awards
Chat Integration Help Universities Handle Enquiries for Upcoming Deadlines
Salford City Council and Their Journey with Live Chat
How to Add Live Chat to my website? Integrate Google Analytics
The Development of Technology: Shaping the Future
Offer a Spooky Service And Add Chat to Website
Large Insurance Firm Implements Live Chat for Web
The Power of a Smiley Face
Maintaining the Focus in Work
Encouraging Productivity and Feeling Motivated
NHS Digitalising Patient Service
Live Chat Html Software can Eliminate Overwhelming Emails
After the Olympics
Keeping up with Technology…Or at least Trying To!
How to Use and Benefit from an Automatic Navigation in Live Chat for Website System
Chat for Website Assists Results Day
Customer Service doesn’t Have to be Serious All the Time
Local Authorities Dealing with Social Care through Live Chat Integration
How to Add Live Chat to my Website? Use a Live Chat Plug-in
Victory over Japan Day
The Day Britain Made History
Fill the Descent of Physical Sales with Digital
Get Creative with Click4Assistance Live Chat For Web
Click4Assistance Web Chat System Helps Financial Companies Comply to FCA and PCI Regulations
Launch of the iPhone
Using Predefined Replies within a Live Chat HTML
Live Chat Software: The Priory Group Success Story
Live Chat Services can Benefit Events Similar to Comic Con
The Olympics are Starting
Embrace Stick out your Tongue Day-Implement Video Chat Plug-in for Website
Live Chat Integration Assists with University Open Days
Chat for Website Provides In-depth Customer Feedback
Suffolk County Council Uses UK Live Chat For Website
How to Embrace Your Geekness and Implement Chat on Your Website
How to Add Live Chat to my Website? Choose a Solution that Proactively Engages Visitors
The Best Live Chat Apps are Secured with Encryption
Add Chat to Website to Convert your Summer Traffic
Celebrate “Take Your Webmaster to Lunch” Day
Website Chat Software Provider Click4Assistance are Proud to Support P.O.R.T
Angel Underwriting, Celebrating 10 Years with Click4Assistance Web Chat System
BMI Healthcare: Web Chat Software Improves Service
Plan an Armed Forces Day Event with Live Chat on Website
The EU Referendum – Should We Stay or Should We Go?
Handle Holiday Enquiries More Efficiently with Live Chat Services
Chat for Website Helps Universities with Pre-Clearing
Chat on Your Website Clears Schedules for Summer Solstice
West Dorset Council Implements Chat Integration
How to Add Chat to my website: Chat Windows - Embedded or Pop-up? The Pro’s and Con’s
Reporting Bugs on Social Media
Prepare for the Euros with Chat on Your Website
Heat up your Sales this Summer with Live Chat Software
Web Chat Software Provider Click4Assistance Supports Trooping The Colour
Start a Chat Through SMS
The Future of Technology
Cancer Research: Improving Patient Care with Live Chat Services
Web Chat System Helps with Travel Enquiries During a Crisis
Live Chat for Website is Accessible for Everyone
Augmented Reality, Out of this World
Bradford University Turns the Big 50 This Year!
Spring Clean This May With Chat for Website
Sunderland City Council uses “Chat On Your Website” Software to Improve Online Services
How to Add Live Chat to My Website - Chat Buttons – Embedded or Sticky, What’s The Answer?
WhatsApp Improves Encryption
Add Chat to Website To Help Relieve Your Receptionist's Workload
Make Your Website Work Harder Not Your Employees!
Setting Up Live Chat On Website Helps Those with ‘Mayfever’!
Why Website Chat Software Interlinks as a Customer Service Tool
Training Staff To Give Great Customer Service Through Web Chat System
Attractions: Charm Your Visitors with Web Chat Software
Live Chat Service Helps Enquiries Regarding Pet Insurance
Roll Up, Roll Up, for Click4Assistance Travel Industry Live Chat on Website Webinar
Live Chat for Website: SaaS Vs Self-Hosting
Chat On Your Website Supports University Deadlines
Chat Integration Converts Website Traffic
How Chat For Website Can Aid School Admissions
How to Add Live Chat to My Website: Compatible with Mobile Devices
The Aftermath of The Privacy Shield
The Best Live Chat Increases Online Sales
Mayday! Add Chat to Website in Preparation for Bank Holiday Shopping Sprees
Estate Agents - Face Spring with Chat on Your Website
Live Chat Integration Helps Charities
Chat For Website: Customer Service is No Joke
Best Live Chat: It’s Customer Service not an Easter Egg Hunt
Chat Box for Website Provides Better Communication For Universities
Add Chat to Website to Help Local Authorities Save
Live Chat For Website - The Next Generation
Not So Safe Harbor and How A UK Web Chat System Can Help
Live Chat Software Gives Online Shopping the Personal Factor
Live Chat For Website; Unified Communication on the Rise
Socially Chat With Colleagues Through Click4Assistance Live Chat App
Click4Assistance Live Chat Service is Mobile Compatible
Motor Trader Profits are Slowing for 2016: Convert More with Business Chat Service
Live Chat Support Software User University of Liverpool gains Funding
Web Chat Services and the Rise of Technology in Government Organisations
Live Chat Software for Websites: An Omni Channel Approach to Customer Service
The Impact of the Investigatory Powers Bill on Web Chat Software
Click4Assistance Customer Tubz Brands Continue to Raise Fantastic Amounts of Money for Charity
Live Chat Software for Business: Giving You the Best It’s Got This Valentine’s Day
Too Polite To Ask Your Senior Colleague For Help via Text? Use Website Live Chat Software Instead.
How Live Chat Software Has Helped Improve Couriers
Live Chat Website Software: Click4Assistance Vs Zopim
UK Rated 4th Best Communications Technology in The World – 1 Reason to Choose UK Online Chat Systems Provider
New Year, New Ideas, New Web Chat Solution
Sell your Cars Faster by Implementing Live Chat Services
Comply with New Data Protection Regulation with UK Online chat provider
January Sales Proven to Convert More with Online Chat Systems
A More Simple Way Of Communicating through Live Chat Support
Live Chat Tools Provides A More Simple Way of Communicating
Click4assistance Live Chat Software provider predicts an increase in growth in 2016
Click4assistance Online Chat Facility Provider wins Corporate Excellence Award 2015
Live Chat Software can help adults with limited online skills use your website
Click4Assistance web chat solution provider has been nominated for a Corporate Excellence Award
Let a Live Chat Application relieve some of the festive pressure on your Call Centres
Live Chat Software is All I Want for Christmas
Adding Live Web Chat Software can Help you Communicate Better with your Students
Get ready for 2016 with a Live Chat System
Live Chat Software is so Much More than a Sales Tool!
Online Chat Facility Improves the Efficiency of your Call Centre
Live chat software: Embedded or Pop-Up Buttons – which ones are better for your business?
Complying to Data Protection with UK based live chat software provider Click4Assistance
Let live web chat software helps you be part of the post-Christmas market
Live Chat Software Improves your Customer Service by Responding to Customer Complaints & Enquiries
How does Click4Assistance Compare as a Live Chat Provider Alternative to LivePerson?
The silver surfers surprise us again via live chat software
Live Chat system data reports can improve your Customer Service
Live Chat Software is a Cost Effective Channel that Could Increase your Savings
Help your Students Settle into University Life
Be part of the Black Friday phenomenon by using a Live Chat Facility on your website
Add Live Chat and ensure your showroom is part of the huge growth in car sales
EU Safe Harbor Framework and Live Chat Software
More and More Insurance Companies are Implementing Live Chat Software
Increase your Website Attraction by Adding Live Chat Software to your Website
Live Chat Widget for Local Authorities and Councils
University Web Chat Lessen the Stress of Clearing
BMI Healthcare Partners with Live Chat Software Provider Click4Assistance UK
Live Chat Software for Charities – Reaching out to those who need help
The Latest Arrival
The new 65 plate – Is it time to Add Live Chat?
How UK businesses are generating more leads in 2015 using live chat software
Click4Assistance - Summer Madness
Want to sell more used cars? Install live chat on your website today
The evolving digital public services and the important role real-time chat applications can play
Click4Assistance 101
We’re Recruiting!
By Failing to Prepare, You Prepare to Fail
Triumph at the Motor Trader Industry Awards
Web Chat Software: Looking Back on Marketing, Recruitment & Outreach
Less Time, More Results with Web Chat Software
The significance of chat software for voluntary organisations
New Addition to the Click4Assistance Team
Make the most of the upcoming MotorExpo in London by installing our web chat software
Web Chat Software: The Digital Education Race
Resourcing Education with Web Chat Software
Add live chat to your website to optimise staff resources
Speed and Ease with Web Chat Software
Beginners Guide to Live Chat Software for Websites
Access for All with Web Chat Software
UK primary school admission enquiries can be a breeze with our web chat software
Three Web Chat Software Tips
Selling cars? This is the best time to install web chat software on your site
Making health care and social care meaningful with our web chat software
The Nature of Web Chat Software
How Business Live Chat Reduces Stress for Customer Service Teams
Is the Telephone Call Now Playing Second Fiddle to Website Chat Software?
Improve Customer Service in an Instant with our Website Chat Software
Web Chat Software -Revision for Decision-Makers
Patriotism Makes Economic Sense – Use Indigenously Developed Click4Assistance Live Chat Software
Facilitating Answers with Web Chat Software
Web Chat Software Bolsters Car Dealers
Is Website Chat Software Customer Service 2.0?
Our Website Chat Software Helps you Maximise your Marketing Spend
Clothing Stores Move to Add Web Chat Software
Web Chat Software Could Transform Local Council Communications
Customer Service Trends for 2015 Includes Website Chat Software
Combining Website Chat Software and Social Media for Customer Service
Answer Follow-Up Questions with Web Chat Software
Web Chat Software for UK Local Authority Websites
Retailers Should Switch to Web Chat Software
Why Website Chat Software Benefits B2B Businesses
Website Chat Software produces happier shoppers in the long-term
Web Chat Software - Filling in Outreach Blanks
Website Chat Software - the Fastest Current Medium for Customer Service
Adding Live Chat Software – Big Brands are Switching
Web Chat Software Benefits Insurance Industry
Customer Service Develops into Multi-Channel Approach with Website Chat Software
Website Chat Software Reduces Overall Business Costs
Tips and Tricks for Using Online Chat Software
Software Industry Utilising Web Chat to Support Users
Web chat Software Empowering Health and Counselling Services
Customer needs for Website Chat Software at an all-time high
Website Chat Software for Business Start-Ups
Living at University – Everyday Questions Answered by Web Chat Software
Mobile shopping boosted by Website Chat Software
Tips to get the most from your Website Chat Software
Website Chat Software keeps customers loyal to brands
The Business Benefits of Website Chat Software
Web Chat Software for Retailers Sets Trends for Other Businesses to Follow
Web Chat Software Improves Customer Loyalty for Banking Industry
Web Chat Software - Happy Professional New Year?
Web Chat Software - A Better International Channel
Website Chat Software vs Telephone - which customer support do users prefer?
Website Chat Software Increases Conversions at Point of Sale
How Rule Based Proactive Website Chat software can increase Sales
Proactive Website Chat Software Boosts Online Engagement
Technologies including Web Chat Software boost Online Fundraising
How to make Online Chat Software work for your Business
Website Chat Software grows as a Customer Service tool
Local authorities-seamlessly connecting to communities via web chat software
Web Chat Software boosts Retailers Christmas Sales
Comparing the cost of website chat software to telephone support
Christmas Break: Celebration or Chaos? Web chat software to the rescue
Web Chat Software Finds the Answers to Funding
Why your Business should consider Website Chat Software
Website Chat Software improves Customer Satisfaction
Web Chat Software - A Better Way to Process Admissions Enquiries
Web Chat Software helps with Juggling in the Recruitment Circus
Web Chat Software - A Better Way to Process Accommodation Enquiries
The Art of Student Recruitment using Web Chat Software (Part 2)
The Connected Generation use Web Chat Software
Are UK Universities Accommodating Enough?
The Art of Student Recruitment using Web Chat Software(Part 1)
Web Chat Software Provider Click4Assistance Partners with International Government Organisation
UK Live Chat Software Provider Click4Assistance Welcomes Apprentice
Universities Brace for A-level Results
Online Chat Software - The Pros and Cons of 24 Hour Support
Online Chat Software - Sounds and Signs for Success
Unsung Heroes of the Academic Calendar: July, 2014
Adding Live Chat Software - A Non-Traditional Contact Form
Tips for Online Chat Software - Motivate with Performance Management
Using Online Chat Software - Context Before Chat
Using Online Chat Software - How (not) to do the Robot
Adding Live Chat - Forgotten Lessons from the High Street – Online Vs Offline (Part 2)
Troubleshooting with Website Chat Software
Adding Live Chat - Forgotten Lessons from the High Street – Online Vs Offline (Part 1)
Unlocking the Potential of CRM Integration with online chat software
Unsung Heroes of the Academic Calendar: June, 2014
Add Live Chat Software for Made to Measure: Customer Satisfaction
How to Perform a Checkup for Online Chat Software (Part 2)
Winner of May Muffin Competition: Medway CAB
Calling All Call Centres - Optimise With Web Chat Software
How to Perform a Checkup for Online Chat Software (Part 1)
The Faces Behind Online Chat Software
Live Chat Software May Competition (Closing Date: Fri 23rd May)
Visitor-Centric Questions to Answer Your Mobile Queries with Online Chat Software
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Balancing Value and Volume with MS Dynamics CRM and Online Chat Software
Why We Sell an Experience, Not just a Live Chat Software Product
Avoid the Pitfalls of AFK and Out-of-Office with Live Chat Software
Click4Assistance Releases Mobile-Friendly Live Chat Software
Online Chat Software - How to Evaluate Operator Performance
Online Chat Software - IP Blacklist for Better Website Traffic Quality
To Outsource or Not to Outsource when Adding Live Chat Software
World-Leading Hosting for Click4Assistance Live Chat Service
Online Chat Software-Spelling Matters in Customer Service
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12 Live Chat Software Facts That Will Impress Your Boss
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Seven Incorrect Assumptions about Live Chat Software
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Website Chat Software - NOWism in Modern Marketing
Psychological Triggers to Boost Revenue with Online Chat Software
Reduce Bounce Rate with Customer Engagement using Website Chat Software
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Online Chat Software - Customer Support Etiquette in Live Chat
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